Romanchuk and Liabedzka detained in the market Baranavichi

Society "In the beginning we were approached by the director of the market with the Acting District Attorney, told us that we can not give out leaflets, as the company has not yet begun. We replied that there were no mass actions are not going to hold. Then police came and again advised us not to do it . Meanwhile in another area of the market detained Anatoly Lebedko, "- said the Freedom Yaroslav Romanchuk.

"We are now in a room administration of the market. Our leaflet they sent a fax to Brest, and there bosses must decide whether the "seditious" our flyer. In fact, the first time we are not detained for spreading information, and for the content, "- said Romanchuk.

13:15 Yaroslav Romanchuk and Anatoly Lebedko released without being drawn up


Romanchuk, Liabedzka

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