Rosprirodnadzor check mine development project in the Khibiny

Rosprirodnadzor will check compliance with the "North-Western Phosphorous Company" (NWPC), the requirements of environmental legislation and implementation of the license conditions, while working on the development project Partomchorr, told reporters Natural Resources Minister Sergei Donskoi.

Commenting local environmental organizations that NWPC allegedly already started logging on to one of the versions of the road, the minister stressed that "this in no way be doing."

"Rosprirodnadzor will check, and we finally get unbiased information," — said Don.

Natural Resources Minister also noted that in the discussion of the project is "on both sides of the movement" as discussed and the possibility of changing the borders of a future national park, and various options for lining the road.

Don suggested earlier in the week NWPC provide data on rentabelnostiproekta field development based on different versions of the road is to it.

Conflict of environmentalists and NWPC arose because the road to the apatite-nepheline deposit Partomchorr, to be held within the boundaries of the future national park "Khibiny". In early January, environmentalists, who believe that the construction of the road will make the creation of the National Park pointless, suggested the use of the infrastructure to transport ore October Railway.

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