Russia destroys the diamond market

Russia destroys the diamond marketRussia has declassified the existence of the world's largest diamond deposits. The field is so large that it extends out to all the needs of humanity in the next 2-3 thousand years.

This news can turn the whole diamond wounds on his head, and now no one will undertake to say what will be the value of diamonds a year of field development. Geologists say the trillions carats in remote areas in Russia.

Where do you think, is this mysterious place? You should not go through all the regions in the most unexpected finding, it is the most banal way is the largest diamond regions of Russia, is the border of Yakutia and the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

It might seem like you can not find such a diamond mine in the capital of Russia? But even here there is no mysterious puzzles every banality just in the 70 years of Soviet geologists have made this discovery, but the state of his classified. The reasons are clear, while the country started the production of artificial diamonds, and receive and receive still greater profits from existing fields, so bring down prices of course was not going to.

Why exactly is this information hit the media? One can only guess, or Russia decided to find partners for the development and investment, or leaked, maybe there's another reason we do not know.

Needless deposit age of about 40 billion years was formed by a meteorite diamonds in it in some aspects superior to all existing 2-fold. But rejoice too early to get those diamonds will be extremely difficult and will require all of infrastructure in almost wild. The whole world is now waiting for further developments …

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