On Friday, a leading exporter of Russian guns said his company aims to Syria improved defensive missile systems that can be used to destroy enemy aircraft and ships, if the United States or any other government tries to intervene to stop the spiral of violence in the country.
«I wish I could say that these mechanisms — a truly reliable means of defense, a reliable defense against sea or air attacks — said during an interview with Anatoly own Isaykin, CEO of» Rosoboronexport «. — It’s not a threat, but those planning to attack, it is worth considering. «
Since these defenses are not registered with the latest, the application of Mr. Isaykina faster had symbolic meaning. They added cold in relations between Washington and Moscow on the eve of the first meeting between President Barack Obama and President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the summit Big Twenty, which will be held in the Mexican resort town of Los Cabos in the subsequent week.
Statements by Mr. Isaykina sounded just a few days after U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stepped up a diplomatic pressure on Russia — Syria defender, expressing strong criticism in the address of the Kremlin for the last supplies gunships in Damascus. All this came amid reports that Moscow is preparing to send landing craft and a certain number of sailors in the Syrian port of Tartus to secure military facilities and infrastructure, if the need arises.
The representative of the U.S. Department of Defense George Little (George Little) refused to comment on the statement by Mr. Isaykina.
Alexander Goltz, independent military expert in Moscow, believes that discussion of Russians supply defensive weapons to Syria «undoubtedly» should serve as a warning to Western countries that are considering the possibility of military intervention.
«Russia uses these statements as a form of deterrence in Syria, — he said. — They show other states that now the possibility that the past will suffer loss, increased. «
In the Syrian crisis throughout our homeland insisted that the instrument supplied insulated government Basha al-Assad, was by its nature defensive, and that this instrument is not used by the Syrian authorities to suppress uprisings opposition.
Mr. Isaykin highlighted this idea, but he did it in such makarom that his words could be interpreted as a warning to the West of military intervention in Syria, similar to the result that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has lost power in Libya. Mr. Putin decided acts of the West in Libya in violation of sovereignty, which should not happen again.
Yet, because of Syria every day will receive announcements about executions by government forces against peaceful citizens, the possibility of one-sided intervention in its internal affairs by the U.S. and NATO are increasingly is discussed, in particular taking into account the stubborn refusal of the Russian Federation to support the more brutal interventions, proposed in the UN Security Council.
Mr. Isaykin, an influential figure in the Russian defense industry, read openly supply weapons to Syria: Carapace-C1, Russian self-propelled anti-aircraft missile and gun system that can shoot down planes at an altitude exceeding that at which usually conducted bomb attacks; air defense system Buk-M2, capable of shooting down aircraft at a greater height to 82 thousand feet and at greater distances; coastal missile system «Bastion» that can hit a target at a distance of 180 miles from the coast.
Military analysts question the effectiveness of air defense systems, supplied by Russia in Near East countries, including Syria, none of which can not even symbolically resist systems of Western countries.
According to the military professional capital Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Ruslan Aliyev, statements by Mr. Isaykina and others were first made for political purposes. Moscow refused to deliver to Syria the most deadly air defense system — anti-aircraft missile system acts distant radius C-300.
«I understand that Syria is not able to protect itself from NATO, just as she was unable to defend its nuclear plant from Israeli air strike in September 2007 — wrote Mr. Aliyev own electric letter. — I am afraid that they are not an instrument of Russian than many will. «
Since the statements of Mrs. Clinton both sides tried to downplay the significance of helicopters, claiming that militarily, they play a minor role. On Thursday, the State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland said that Secretary read about 3 helicopters which not so long ago were returned to Syria after repair in Russia.
In his interview, Mr. Isaykin said that a contract for repair of helicopters was signed in 2008, that this never made a secret and that international organizations were alerted. «It was quite routine contract,» — he added.
As said Mr. Isaykin once a year Syria spends around 500 million dollars on the Russian gun, and at a fraction of its orders account for about 5% of the proceeds of «Rosoboronexport».
According to Mr. Isaykina, over 10 years, Syria has not done in the «Rosoboronexport» orders for machines, ammunition, missiles, ground-to-ground, helicopters, airborne weapons and armored vehicles — specifically these types of weapons used by the parties in the Syrian conflict, which threatens rise in civilian war.
According to him, the Middle East, «flooded» small weapon in the Russian style, often produced in China or Eastern Europe that Russia ousted from the market.
Russian weapon trade with Syria in recent years based on the delivery of large and complex air defense systems. According to Mr. Isaykina such delivery does not violate UN sanctions, in addition, they can not be used against civilians in the criteria of internal conflict.
«We just send them to Syria — he added. — Ask the Syrians that they do with them. «

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