Russian border. Nobody is going to change

Society at the border crossing "Zaolsha" on the border of Vitebsk and Smolensk today there is a large queue. On average, each truck that goes from Belarus to Russia, waiting for customs clearance of about 20 minutes. During this time, MAN truck driver Sergey time to tell us what to pay special attention to the Russian customs officers:

"At the entrance to the Russian customs officers check the car, it's such an additional customs. Might also be asked to show documents of origin. Indeed, if these goods from third countries, the customs here in their troubles. If everyone says that the Russian customs border with Belarus will be removed, it is, I think, will not soon be! But if we carry loads from Russia to Belarus, we have virtually no customs, transport inspection only, Russian and Belarusian … "

The driver mentioned the problem, which has recently started to appear at border crossings in the Customs Union. "In particular, if you can not determine the status of the goods imported into the territory of Russia from Belarus, the Russian customs authorities do not recognize their customs union and apply measures of customs control in accordance with its internal regulations," — said yesterday the Deputy Foreign Minister of Belarus Andrew Evdochenko in an interview with Prime-Tass.

Employees of Smolensk customs, whom we approached for comment, argue that no major controversial cases at the border crossing point Zaolsha was not. Although after the introduction of the Customs Code have to face certain absurdity:

Nothing we have not changed. And in the betting, nothing has changed …

"Basically everything remains as it was. Did something just changed. Here, for example, the names of the documents did: it was" certificate for temporary admission "and become a" passenger manifest. "Nothing we have not changed. And nothing in the rates has changed. only thing that a lot of questions arise for the export of vehicles. Lots of people call, they say, a new Customs Code, and supposedly now at customs have nothing to do. "

Russian representatives said that the Customs Code does not change anything, while the Belarusian drivers are just hoping for a change for the better. Another driver, stopped at the border, tells the story of unfulfilled hopes on customs space travel:

control did not let up for a second …

"Of course, expectations were. Once something signed by the government — and that changes should be. But this control does not let up for a second. Themselves Russian customs officers always with a smirk — they laugh with this customs union, of these decrees. Nobody going to change — is the mood of the customs officers at the transition "

Driver recalls that last year's Smolensk customs staff even increased, though at first it was a question of termination of the customs on the Russian side. Now this control only delays and unnerving carriers:

"Strong is the" slow ". They are out there and no matter what the workers have always been, and that this control is tiring. All the time control, customs documents incomprehensible … By the time it is not very long, but nasty, of course. More morally stamlyaessya, not physically. "

According to the Deputy Foreign Minister of Belarus Andrew Evdochenko, "At the Russian-Belarusian border were made some adjustments, but still some inconsistencies occur Customs Code. "And it is not satisfied with any drivers or recipients of goods or transport companies involved in the carriage with the Belarusian side.


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