New navigation system posodeystvuyut pilots navigate without satellite signals

Russian helicopter aircraft will move to new navigation system LINS-100RS, which constitute the base uniaxial laser gyros French company SAGEM. Those imports from the country — not a NATO member is limited to five multipurpose helicopters Ecureuil and Fennec, which «News» wrote on December 10.
A senior source in the Main Command of the Navy said, «Izvestia» that systems LINS-100RS first helicopters will be equipped naval aviation.
— French «brains» will appear in the next year. But keep in mind that laser gyros are only the base system, and the unit that handles the information and issuing course, though Russian development — he said.
Equipped with gyroscopes all ships and aircraft, artillery and ground systems. These devices are needed for measuring the angular displacement and orientation of the object in space. Today’s Russian navigation systems run on mechanical gyroscopes, and now they are going to replace the laser.
In laser gyroscope all moving parts to change the laser beams, and for which the deviation is estimated offset. Unlike mechanical, such device gives accurate readings of the angular velocity to a few millimeters. After receiving information about the displacement and angular velocity calculating unit navigation system calculates differences from this course. Pilot perceives calculations and puts the car on course. Since the point of the report is taken takeoff, and all the differences are calculated with respect to it, the system is called inertial.
Source in the Main Command of the Navy also explained that the system is completely autonomous and is not depending on satellite data of GPS and GLONASS. In November, the Russian-French joint venture «PC Alliance», which establishes the creation LINS-100RS, issued an official press release.
It laconically reported that LINS-100RS — is «the first Russian laser navigation system, designed for new and upgraded aircraft and helicopters, including fighter fifth generation, also for the new Russian Ka-52 helicopters.»
System based on digital laser gyro provides the latest generation of land on ships in the battle, «when satellite navigation systems are suppressed by the adversary.» «PC Alliance» plan to create more than 100 systems LINS-100RS year.
Interlocutor in the Navy said «Izvestia» why laser gyros need first deck of naval aviation.
— In case of failure of the satellite navigation system ground pilots have the opportunity to leave at very low altitudes on the second lap, adjusting course on visual cues. Marine pilots do not have such a chance, because the aqua surface is no corresponding relief — he said.
Currently ship helicopters and planes was landing using beacons, and the point of contact with the deck all depends on eye contact. Means dependent on weather criterion is very high.
— For example, the Su-33 enters the gate at high speed, and the wind prevents him less than the Ka-27 and Ka-29. But no aircraft currently has no inertial systems — Glavkomat officer added.
His collaborator of Naval Aviation believes that the satellite is unreliable — it can knock down, turn off, switch off electronic warfare, he can discover for himself fail.
— Reduce the boundless sea without visual cues. Qualification allows our pilots to land on ships without GLONASS guidance, but in the XXI century is not worth it to fly the compass, — said naval aviator «Izvestia».
So experts doubt not need LINS-100RS, and in the country of origin. A source in the Main Command of the Navy states that uniaxial laser gyros, which equipped the new systems are not a revelation for the Russian defense industry, and have own advanced production.
Expert magazine profile of «Rise» Vladimir Shcherbakov said that the potential of the industry declined significantly from the 1990s, when the work was carried out over optical gyroscopes.
— We have lost manufacturing technology matrices for thermal imaging and much more. Air Force started ordering such gyroscopes did not so long ago, but in small batches. If better than our French instruments, performed in large quantities, then nothing wrong in using them is not. It is best to gain experience while, and later improve their own development — said Shcherbakov «Izvestia».
The company «PC Alliance» was formed on the basis of 2-state-owned subsidiaries «Russian Technologies» and the French company Sagem in 2011. Its authorized share capital of 3.5 million euros.

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