Russian media: Lukashenka and Putin — the same

Statements Alexander Lukashenko that the explosion in the territory of the Russian Embassy in Minsk could organize the Russians, the newly heightened confrontation in the information field in Russia and Belarus.

The newspaper Kommersant states: Belarus is increasingly drawn into the information war with Russia. The publication says that Alexander Lukashenko has actually accused Moscow of arson of its embassy in Minsk. According to the Belarusian leader, the latest incident — continued attacks on him personally. Analyst Svetlana Naumova told "Kommersant" that the direct connection Lukashenko to information warfare designed to mobilize the bureaucracy and security forces. He gave them to understand that is not dead yet, is not going to give up and ready to fight. The newspaper also tells about the story of the TV channel "ONT", which was criticized by the Prime Minister's rally Vladimir Putin the Far East and concluded: "The two well-known Russian woes add a third — the fools on the road."

"The Head of State has the enemy with his own weapon," — writes Novaya Gazeta. The publication focuses on the similarity between Lukashenka and Putin, among whom is the main conflict: "Pro-Kremlin and pro-government media are an unprecedented campaign against Lukashenko. But, in fact, they discredit and their leader, because Lukashenko — the same as Putin. Same full of energy, such as a lover of manual controls, who does not believe in a market economy. Same as Putin unstable partner who knows the strategic relationship with anyone else. Just nostalgic for the Soviet Union. Same as Putin, anyone does not trust the years sitting in power, does not tolerate the rotation and the opposition. Against whom do we laugh? "- asked rhetorically," Novaya Gazeta ".

Sharply expressed to the former ally and policy. So, today, in an interview with news agency, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called "outrageous" statements about the possible involvement of Minsk Moscow to the incident at the Russian Embassy in the Belarusian capital. Chairman of the Duma Committee on International Affairs Konstantin Kosachev told "Interfax" that Lukashenka's statements about Russian trace in the attack on the Russian diplomatic mission "is not the appropriate status of the head of state." On the eve of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has reacted negatively to the fact that Belarus has imposed restrictions on the supply of buckwheat in Russia. The Russian leader said in an abrupt manner: it is not a "legal and medical restrictions."

Well-known Russian human rights activist policies Sergei Kovalev believes that this company is not "white and fluffy" as opponents of each other are:

"In fact, I think it's at all difficult and dastardly affair with both sides. And to understand them a normal person, I think, is quite difficult. Unable to dive into the psychology of different types of people. Decent people in their company very quickly get lost, become naïve and lacking in ability to think properly. know, on both sides, we are dealing with people, to put it mildly, quite vile. How are they are squabbling with each other — I do not know. I do not know where it is, what it might end. But everyone understands : Moscow understands that Lukashenka will not last forever, and probably would have been willing to discuss another candidate. On the other hand, Lukashenka understands that he is "Die Hard." Because the outside world, which is so vigorously rejected him, retreated. And now he's even been visiting with him for someone who has the case. "

Great article on the Belarusian-Russian relations, Proceedings of the print. The commentary on the latest developments writer Svetlana Aleksievich says: "After watching the film antilukashenkovskih, held on Russian television, it became clear: Russia as it has already entered the presidential race, and our support of alternative candidates. Perhaps the explosion at the Russian Embassy — a way to neutralize them, which can only be achieved by activating the anti-Russian mood . According to Ms. Aleksievich, such as an authoritarian leader Lukashenko, when it is reeling under a chair, ready for anything. "And the provincial imagination is not so smart" — sums up the companion of "Izvestia".

One of the leaders of Russia's oldest newspaper Vladimir Mamontov convinced that in Russia and Belarus already had a little chance to integrate, and now hope for a rapprochement and generally useless:

"I am by virtue of their duties well enough studied the situation in Belarus and must say on any terms of equality can not build a union relations. Even at the elementary level. Look how great Russia! Her areas of the federal subjects and how much, the capacity and the political, and economic, and nuclear, and what you want. Against this background, seven or however many there areas in Belarus (in fact — six. R.S.) So, dear, not a small country, yet another building, the other on ' volume, mix another state. no way we can come together on equal terms, this would have been enough! ".

Echo of Moscow, Nezavisimaya Gazeta and others to make fun of the fact that Alexander Lukashenko a 56-year life changed the date of his birth. According to Moskovsky Komsomolets, Lukashenko unexpectedly pushed birthday on the day to celebrate the birthday together with his youngest son Nikolai. Now Lukashenko should not congratulate on August 30 and 31 th. His act, the Belarusian leader made a lot of noise because of its own motion to arbitrarily select new birthdays such a law.

A television channel NTV draws attention to the fact that during yesterday's visit to the Moscow International Book Fair, the Prime Minister Vladimir Putin ignored Belarusian stand. Putin stopped at the Orthodox and children's pavilion, but took a few steps to look at the exhibition of Belarusian book. Namely, September 2 at the event was the Day of Belarus, as Prime Minister did not know just could not.


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