Russian Navy has taken on a new boat test transformer

Russian Navy has taken on a new boat test transformer
Functional boat for the last generation of the Navy of the Russian Federation launched in port «Turaevo» (Capital Region), said Saturday broadcast transmission «Military Council» on the radio «Echo of Moscow» chief of search and rescue Navy Damir Shaikhutdinov press center reports RIA Novosti.
«Boat project 23370 built by the technical requirements of the Navy and is intended for use as a functional platform — support special equipment and facilities. The modular design allows you to deliver the boat disassembled in any point of the country cars, rail transport or aqua.
Depending on the set of modular equipment on the boat it can be used as a rescue, fire, medical, repair, or diving «- said Shaikhutdinov.
According to the source, will now work on equipping the boat crane, diving and search equipment, then planned his transition to point-based — the Leningrad naval base.
Within a 3-year contract with the Municipal Defense Ministry in the fleet will go another 11 such boats. Eight boats will go to the Baltic Fleet, four made for the Caspian Flotilla.

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