RVSN deploys latest ballistic missiles «yars»

RVSN deploys latest ballistic missiles

Strategic Rocket Forces of the Russian Federation mission began preparations for the deployment of ballistic missile systems «Yars» in Irkutsk, Novosibirsk and Kozelsk missile compounds reported to RIA Novosti referring to the Strategic Rocket Forces Commander Lieutenant General Sergei Karakaeva.

First in Irkutsk city missile compound delivery «Yarsa» not planned. It is reported that under Kozelsk «Yars» will be deployed in the mine version. In the future, «yars» put into other missile compound. In June, new ballistic missiles deployed in Tejkovsky missile formation in the Ivanovo region, one hundred percent completed upgrading to a mobile missile system.

Mobile missile RS-24 «Yars» has an intercontinental range of up to 11 thousand kilometers. He resettled reentry warhead, which includes up to 4 blocks maneuverable warheads with personal guidance to the target. First launch was made May 27, 2007. Altitude of the rocket is about 23 m «yars» designed based mobile missile complex «Topol-M» and it will change in the future.

«Yars» can carry a nuclear warhead of up to 300 kilotons — is about 50 bombs dropped on Hiroshima. Russian military experts say that no potential enemy missile defense system will not help during the attack «Yarsa» because multiple warheads will fully protect all unnoticed.

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