Saudi Arabia ordered a batch of helicopters UH-60M

Saudi Arabia ordered a batch of helicopters UH-60M
Saudi Arabia Ministry of Defence concluded with the American company Sikorsky contract for modification of eight multipurpose helicopters UH-60M Black Hawk in standard GSC, reports Jane’s.
The deal amounted to 105.3 million dollars. Under the agreement, the work must be completed before the end of March 2016. Then the contract may be extended up to 24 helicopters.

The project will be installed on helicopters standard engines T700-GE-701D, the flight control system and digital CMC 2028MC automatic onboard control system. In addition, UH-60M will receive a «glass» cockpit, altimeter AN/APN-209 (v), an improved collimator system, automatic direction finder AN/ARN-149 (v), navigation equipment AN/ARN-153, communication systems and definition of «friend or foe».

In total, in eight Black Hawk helicopters of Saudi Arabia will be made more than 25 configurations, including the installation of new systems and self-defense systems to control the technical condition of the machine, pilots’ seats and machine guns M240-H 7.62mm. In the end, on the UH-60M will be mounted suspension system ESSS, which can be mounted to strengthen fuel tanks, infrared detectors, control state of the environment and arms.

It must be emphasized that the modifications will be subject to the helicopters from the larger party UH-60M, acquired by Saudi Arabia in 2010. In total, the military department of the country has received 72 new helicopters UH-60M. Currently, Saudi Arabia owns 21 multipurpose helicopter S-70/UH-60A/L. Machine type UH-60A contract from 2011 must undergo upgrading to version M.

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