Save, farmer, sprawling farms!

16 years after coming to power of President Alexander Lukashenko has expressed interest in the rural private trader Today he visited the farm known in Belarus Zhitkovichy farmer Michael Screw that decade and a half shows a model of efficiency on the background of traditional nerazvarotlivastsi public agrasektary. But is it will help farmers?

Visiting a former official of the regional economy of scale, and now Zhitkovichy farmer Michael Shrub, Lukashenko said he believes the possible development of private initiative. True, said that this development, in his view, there will be through the establishment of holding companies, he suggested to the farmer to take the balance of several farms and become the head of the "private agricultural holdings."

Expert farmers believe that the know-how, in practice, may have a completely different economic effect. On the one hand, the government is interested to get rid of unprofitable farms, but mastered such ballast even successful farmers? In this case, experts doubt that the public lands really come under the full control of private owners. This means that will continue to pester "valuable advice" chiefs of all ranks.

Farmer of the Minsk Oblast Vladimir Matusevich says that under favorable conditions, people will decide for themselves what is the best form of ownership. Now one of the obstacles in cooperation with the State of the farmer — a secret decree to purchase products from private owners only in case of emergency:

"I, for example, is always a lot of colors, respectively, a lot of different seedlings, planting materials. Recently, the seedlings came from Minsk, from" Zelestroyu. " And they told me that only if there is the right material in the public nurseries, only subordinate organizations have the right to go to a private owner. I tell them, so I can sell you several times cheaper than others. But they have a secret law: do not borrow from private owners, if there are similar products in the state nurseries. "

Another farmer, Anatoly Sudalenka, wary of zaigryvannya authorities to private traders. According to him, thousands of Belarusian villagers who were trying to work in new ways, have become victims of rejection of farming at the state level.

Why would you do farming, go to the farm, work like everyone else. You said, and live like a good idea, we would all live like this

Mister Sudalenka abandoned the leased land after the "preventive conversations" with local vertikalschikov "collective farm chairman came and personally led a campaign with me, saying, why do you farming, go to the farm, work like everyone else. thou, says, and live like a good idea, we would all live like this. But why should you extra? My answer is that I want to live better, We talked, but no agreement quit rent, land back to the farm I did not give. the next time they have an entire brigade arrived: again the collective farm chairman, the chairman of the village council and a local policeman. spoke on the same topic, they urged, but again I did not agree to "engage" with farming. then chairman, leaving, I said, you were born too early … ".

Was soon found a clue to the counter-attack — the unrecorded land which the farmer allegedly stolen from the farm. The unequal confrontation eventually led to the surrender of a farmer, and "reclaimed" acres now in full decline. But most importantly, according to Anatoly Sudalenka, dealt with a competitor, which annoyed that fared better farmers.

However, put into circulation Lukashenko the idea of agricultural holdings today picked up by all state media. In particular, the claim that the way to solve the problem "razgildyayskih farms" where the inefficient use of the collective farm land. However, the president made it clear that the question of full independence tumors are not — the creation of agricultural holdings will be under his personal control. To mass replication of holdings in all parts of Belarus requested the Minister of Agriculture Michael rusam and chairmen of regional executive committees. As for the privatization of land selgaspryznachennya, how Lukashenko said, it will be possible only in a pinch. And said that the first of this exception may be that Farmer Michael Shrub.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the farmers' movement in Belarus. However, the proportion of farms in total agricultural production accounts for only 2%. During the first years, the wave of enthusiasm has organized more than 6,000 private households. However, with the arrival of Alexander Lukashenko Private initiative was effectively minimized. Now is the collective farm outside the agricultural business enterprises engaged only in 2045 — by the way, back in the early 2000's there were at more than five hundred.


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