Scientists do not stop and already predicted the world just two of the apocalypse

First Apocalypse, scientists project could come in September, the other — in two years, when the Earth will absorb black hole.

U.S. scientists predict Earth just two scenarios of destruction. First Armageddon, in their opinion, could happen in September of this year due to explosions on the sun. They predict another two years, when a giant black hole will swallow the planet. As journalists learned TSN, the U.S. has already started selling the kits for survival during the apocalypse. In the kits, which cost $ 15, put sunglasses, a shower cap, respirator, antidepressants and vitamins.

According to scientists from the University of Cambridge on January 23 due to solar storm residents of England, Scotland, Norway and Ireland to watch for unusual aurora itself. But on September 22, scientists say, it will be seen in all parts of the world. Scientists point out that, along with an unusual glow off the light, power and stop radiotranslyatory.

Scenario one. Sun will destroy the Earth in September. NASA Earth may perish in September due to explosions on the sun, however, according to the head of the solar physics Main Astronomical Observatory Natalya Shchukina, emissions of solar plasma and aurora in various private world — are not uncommon. But, she said, thanks to Earth's magnetic field to neutralize. "This happens for many centuries, and people live" — shared Shchukin with TSN.

However, it also does not preclude the fact that the end of the world to come. But, in her opinion, this happens when the interior of the sun will burn out all of the hydrogen and helium glows. "Sun yellow dwarf is converted into a red giant and eventually explode. And then the end of the world. But we can live quite happily for another 5 billion years ", — said Natalia Shchukin. Meanwhile, American scientists refer to this more skeptical and believe that 5 billion years the earth will not last, and if this year our planet will not destroy the sun, it will make the black hole diameter of 16 million kilometers.

Scenario Two. Earth to swallow a giant black hole in two years. If the land is not going to kill the sun, it will suck a giant black hole — U.S. scientists said laboratory chief astroinformatiki Main Astronomical Observatory of Irina Vavilova, there is a theory that these black holes can be the size of the entire planet, but there is no confirmation. Black holes studied less.

Theories about their properties a thousand, but not one has received evidence, added Ukrainian astronomers, because black holes, as a full celestial body, not a telescope to see. "We do not see the object, but we see a halo around it," — said Vavilov. At the same time, Ukrainian scientists also suggest that black holes do not destroy the earth, but on the contrary, it will open the way to other galaxies, and people will give an incredible opportunity.Source:

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