Scientists mentally prepare humanity to a dramatic surge in solar activity

Observations show that the luminary slowly gaining a powerful solar storm that happens once in a thousand years.

Human health, he can be very damaging, even though many people experience discomfort from magnetic storms in the days of the solar activity. But a lot of damage can be caused to the infrastructure — the solar wind of such force can instantly bring down power lines, transformers and burn overnight disconnect planet. And the restoration of electrical take months. In addition, victims and the mobile network experience shortage signals GPS, computer failures threaten flying aircraft, train traffic operations in global financial markets, according to

Professor Mike Hapgood, head of the European Group for the study of space weather, is engaged in long-term observations of solar activity. "Once in a thousand years, the Sun spews powerful jets of plasma. Such powerful geomagnetic storms, such as those that occurred in 1859, 1921 and 1989., Caused tremendous damage to humanity, leaving for a few months of people without electricity and some of the most necessary things, but we need to prepare for an even more powerful solar storm, which According to our calculations, should occur about once in a thousand years "- believes the scientist.

Storm on the Sun develops in stages: first light rises above the monstrously hot plasma loops that increase as long as the do not come off and carried into space a billion tons of hot gas. These emissions are twisted powerful vortex magnetic field, which generate the same powerful electrical discharges.

Now the sun is followed by two NASA satellites, which recorded no less than 200 coronal mass ejections from the star's surface. While they could not break through a powerful display of the ionosphere, which protects the earth. However, scientists can not predict exactly when emissions will be so powerful to reach the Earth's surface and cause devastating damage to the power system, and encourages countries to prepare for the threat.


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