Screw A160 Hummingbird drone scouts to reclassify

Screw A160 Hummingbird drone scouts to reclassify
Unmanned Aircraft Company Boeing, initially conceived as a military cargo carrier, equip a strong surveillance system.

A160 Hummingbird, which is very similar to a helicopter, but formally refers to devices with vertical takeoff and landing, began to be developed in the late 90’s a small company Frontier Aircraft, later bought out by Boeing. Test flights of prototypes started in 2007, and in the second half of this year planned to submit to the Ministry of Defense ready unit length of 10.7 m with the highest takeoff weight of 3 tons, capable of flying at speeds of over 260 km / h in air and carry more 20 hours.

Unfortunately for Boeing, engineers do not have time to finish the work on time, and puzzles for military unmanned cargo transportation laid on their opponents — Lockheed Martin and Kaman Aerospace, who converted a light single helicopter K-MAX.

What still concerns A160 Hummingbird, then he was assigned to strategic intelligence. Drone equip videosystem Autonomous Real-time Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance-Imaging System (ARGUS-IS), which oversees the creation of the Office of promising research U.S. Department of Defense (DARPA). The system includes a color camera with a resolution of 1.8 gigapixel, by which operators will be able to receive pictures from a height of more than 6 km. Viewing area — about 65 m. km.

As told Lt. Col. Matthew Munster, is responsible for the modernization of unmanned aircraft in the military meant that operational intelligence will include three A160, and it will happen by May-June.

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