Sea lion on the freeway in California

"We called the drivers and said something like," I swear I'm not drunk, but I just saw a sea lion on the road, "- says Laura Terada, a police officer of Burlingame. — It's good that it did not happen because of a single accident, and could have! "
The sea lion appeared on the highway about 7:00 am. When the police and animal protection services arrived at the scene, reported by the drivers, who saw a lion, he was not on the road, and on the side of the road, where climbed on a tree stump and curiously looking around.
"It had to be seen — a sea lion lying on the roadside with a carefree look, as if he's not on the road, and on the sea," — says Dustin Lawrence, an employee of the local Society for the Protection of Nature.
Police officers blocked the driveway and waited for the arrival of experts from the local marine mammal research center, which plummets 70-pound sea lion in the car and taken to a veterinary clinic.
Veterinarians say that the lion dislocated jaw and a strong nervous shock. With a shock it is clear — go the way of the eight could not every person, but the jaw he probably got twisted when we move through the concrete dividers on the highway.
Sea lion, travelers will spend in the hospital a couple of days — the doctors are planning to take with him a few tests to make sure he was all right, and then it is returned to the sea

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