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Seal — is a plastic hardening material, which fills the defect or cavity in the tooth to restore its anatomical and functional integrity. Seal— The most common way to treat tooth decay.

Fillings can be made of different materials: cement, metal, plastic, etc. In addition, they are permanent or temporary. A distinction is also composites curing and light-curing composites (fotoplomby)

How is the installation of the seal?

  • At first, the doctor makes a dental anesthetic nerve. This will make the treatment painless.
  • Then remove the damaged tissue of the tooth. According to certain rules formed cavities.
  • Formed cavity washed and disinfected with an antiseptic solution.
  • With deep cavities may be applied therapeutic pad that contains calcium, which helps to reduce inflammation and kill the remaining bacteria and stimulates the growth of replacement of dentin.
  • Following treatment pad (and in its absence) is superimposed insulating gasket.
  • Then put the seal. Scheme of each individual seals.
  • Once the seal is installed, it made grinding and polishing.

A good seal must: 

  • fill all the space cavity, not to interfere in chewing;
  • be as smooth as possible;
  • not adhere to the adjacent teeth;
  • repeat the anatomical shape of the healthy tooth;
  • after setting the seal tooth should not hurt.

Pain after the installation of a seal

If after installation Seals you have any pain in the tooth, call your the dentist.

Possible causes of pain:

  1. Post-polymerization of pain. Are rare after dental fillings composite materials.
  2. Allergic reaction to the filling material. Need replacing seals on the other, does not cause allergies.
  3. Complications of dental caries. The emergence of pulpitis (nerve of the tooth). Pulpitis is characterized by acute paroxysmal pain, pain from cold or hot, strong nocturnal pains. In this case, you must remove the nerve of the tooth and re-seal it.

Prior to visiting the doctor can relieve pain at home.

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