Seasonal rains in Colombia and the victim

A few weeks in Colombia seasonal rains caused severe flooding across the country. Only as a result of river flooding and Chico Bogota affected more than two thousand families, forcing most of them to evacuate to higher elevations.

Chico strong siltation caused change of flow in the direction of agricultural land and settlements on both sides of the river. Dozens of hectares of rice and grain washed away by floods. The increasing rainfall in the next few weeks may cause flooding in other regions, as well as increase the risk of landslides.

Local authorities report that in some areas, located to the north of Bogota, water levels reached a meter. Western Colombia, more than 500 houses flooded. According to the National Service of risk management, the early rainy season, which began on March 15, 2012, killed 19 people and left 60,000 people homeless across the country. It is believed that while these figures by 85% below 2011, when floods killed 134 people and more than 500,000 injured.

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