Serbia sent to Greece firefighters to extinguish the fire on Mount Athos

Group Serbian firefighters arrived to Greece to help with extinguishing a forest fire on the powerful peninsula of Mount Athos, said Friday fire protection.

Mount Athos is a thousand-year monastic republic, whose monasteries included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Fire spreads the third day, at one point he was not far from the Serbian monastery Chilandar, but not hurt him. Thursday was partially evacuated Ouranoupolis resort town where pilgrims go to Mount Athos.

Group of 49 Serbian firefighters arrived in Greece, and now goes to the place of extinguishing the fire, said the fire department. Serbia has expressed a desire to help the Greek firefighters to fight the fire, and the Greek authorities have agreed to the proposal, signed in fire protection.

Fire officials told RIA Novosti that the current situation in the region remains a spread of fire, fire fighting, more than 130 firefighters, five planes and three helicopters. Directly monastery fire until threatened, said the official.

In 2004, the monastery was badly damaged by the devastating forest fire. Despite the fact that up to half of the buildings were damaged by fire, then managed to defend the main shrine of the monastery and its library, which holds about a thousand valuable manuscripts.

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