Service in Southern Military District receives new Tor-M2U

Service in Southern Military District received the latest "Tor-M2U"

ITAR-TASS news agency published a notice Head of Information Management of the Southern Military Area Oleg Kochetkov, in what is said about the general availability of the latest anti-aircraft missile systems "Tor-M2U." First samples of SAM units are delivered to the defense forces who are stationed in the Volgograd region. On armament they come instead of obsolete air defense system "Wasp". By 2012, it is planned to complete the upgrade, which is scheduled as part of defense contracts of the Russian Federation.

According to data provided by Kochetkov in 2011 armament various military units of air defense forces have already set new design of automatic control systems, "Tangent", "Barnaul-T" and "Polyana-D4." Now plan to re-South neighborhood representatives of the newest anti-aircraft missiles and automatic control systems is made, he said, is more than 40%.

The field of implementation of "Tor-M2U" is a reflection of the shock weapons possible enemy air force, including precision. To do this, the complex included 12 controlled anti-aircraft missiles that can hit targets, soaring at a rate of up to 700 meters per second at an altitude of up to 6 thousand meters. The effective range of the complex is 12 km. Complex can find and identify up to 48 targets and has the ability to immediately fire 4 of them.

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