Severe flooding in Australia, Paraguay and Colombia

Severe flooding occurred in several countries. In Australia, Paraguay and Colombia due to the torrential rains of emergency was declared.

Sydney Australia on the eve of the epicenter was in the disaster. In just one hour there fell 38 millimeters. In some areas, the water level reached five feet. No data on victims. Most of the roads were flooded. This flood was not here in 2007.

In the central part of Paraguay on flood affected 10,000 families. Government sent to the disaster area 80 tons of food. Most of the supplies by air. Reported to have at least three of the victims. Authorities estimate the damage at $ 10 million.

And in Colombia, the rainy season, which began a month ago, has already claimed the lives of 19 people and injured more than 60,000 residents. The most complicated situation in the regions of Chia and Soacha — not far from the capital — Bogota. Mobilized rescue workers and firefighters. Dozens of families evacuated.

Source: RBC TV

Flooding in Paraguay

In Sydney, a week of showers after warning of flash floods

The Met Office has warned the public about the state of bad weather in the coastal areas of southern and mid-north coast of Sydney, April 17, 2012 lightning storms piled on top of the northern regions of the city. The Bureau also reported that on April 18 the risk of flash floods would be the highest. Livni will last until the weekend with a marked decrease in intensity only by 20 April. Rescue staff asks people to avoid ports and zones of possible flooding.

Morning of April 17 in Sydney, only 10 minutes fell to about 17 millimeters of rain. In the tropics hour rainfall of about 15 millimeters, which indicates that a special intensity of rainfall in Sydney. Low-lying roads and areas already flooded, causing severe traffic jams at rush hour on Ocarina city. The intensity of rainfall will increase up to 19 April. It is believed that the April rainfall record will be beaten in Sydney this week: 3-4 days must roll the monthly norm.



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