Shallowing of the Ob River. Video


17.05.12.Pribrezhnye creek dry. The water level in the Ob below normal. This means that the fish have nowhere to postpone their eggs — said Vladislav Peredereev Novosibirsk ichthyologist.

Vladislav Peredereev, head of the Novosibirsk branch FSBI "Verkhneobrybvod":

If the fish in the river will throw their eggs, much of it will be lost. Caviar should be deposited in the bays on the vegetation. It should attach to the blade of grass. And today, if it vyklyunetsya, she would simply have nowhere to stick. "

River residents can help. Each year, in the Novosibirsk region ichthyologists make artificial spawning. This year, due to low water plan to install three times more than usual.

Artificial spawning grounds this year weave is called the world. Specialists verhneobskogo basin management, fish processing companies, environmental organizations, fishermen lovers and even children — students of environmental clubs.

Fir garland already set the Ob River near the hydroelectric dam, and near Elbanskih, Ordynski and Krasnoyarsk islands.

Vladimir Kraus, director of the Novosibirsk fishery:

"Our spawning, spawning installation, give approximately 150-200 tons of marketable fish. This is something that spawns on the spawning grounds. "

Now to make this work is necessary, experts say. Otherwise, two or three years, the fish in our river may disappear.
Olga Salangina

Source: STRC "Novosibirsk"

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