Shopping complex Magnet seeks to Petersburg

All known trading network "Magnet" in Russia, very soon planning to go outside of Moscow, and it is going to "conquer" Petersburg. In spite of this great desire, "magnet" will not stand little competition, because it is known as the city of Peter, which has the highest ratio of retail space.
Trading network "Magnet" by 2013 in their perspectives makes plans to open Petersburg shops and supermarkets. According to the company — it will not only their own complexes, and rental.

At present, the company is well known in the Leningrad region, that much important for its further development. It employs 63 stores, as well as in residential districts of the city — 15 business outlets. Over the past month, trading network "Magnit" opened the first, a large store in the center of the city.

In spite of such positive data, more recently, the network in St. Petersburg was presented to visitors rather modest and did not have such a very widespread excitement as today. This was achieved thanks to two important factors. Well first of all, all decisions relating to the acquisition and lease of the network were taken in the short term, that is pretty quickly. The second factor was that the particular premises sales areas were calculated on device completely free premises.

Experts said the "magnet" will face serious competition. But this is no it does not affect the further development and growth of trade network.

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