Siberian blog. City Decembrists and Khodorkovsky

Society with Vladimir Putin, who was traveling to Chita on the yellow "Kalina" we razminulisya. Generally in the Trans-Baikal region rarely visited the leaders of Russia. And politicians were exiled here. Including the rebels, revolutionaries, dissidents.

The first dissidents exiled Decembrists were here in 1825, by which the city has grown culturally. Decembrist Dmitry Zavalishyn even developed a plan for the construction of Chita.

It is no accident in the house, where she was the wife of the Decembrist Mikhail Naryshkin Elizabeth, and now is one of the city's libraries.

To still in almost perfect state of preservation of the Decembrists Church, built of "eternal" wood — larch. Now a museum of Decembrists.

For a long time under the Soviet regime only acting in Chita church was an Orthodox church, rebuilt from the church, which in the 19th century there were sent here Polish and Belarusian Catholic rebels. The central area of Chita, which was called the Cathedral, and where there were a lot of churches, councils rebuilt under a large area of Lenin, destroying all the temples. During the time since the collapse of the Soviet Union in the city were built new churches.

A month ago, was inaugurated Chita datsan — lamaistski monastery.

It seems that the practice of expulsion of the unwanted in Baikal is continuing. In Zabaykalli serving a sentence most famous prisoner Russia — the disgraced oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky. This detention center, he was at the time one of the litigation. Local people say that Khodorkovsky is the largest members of the press in the Trans-Baikal region.

The architectural appearance of Chita, like many Siberian cities, attracting the attention of wooden residential buildings, richly carved like lace.

Many of these unique, especially the former merchants' houses, need urgent restoration.

Like the wooden Chita post office, which once changed horses.

Soviet-era apartment buildings in Chita not as interesting as the wooden architecture of the last century. But on this building can be seen as chytsintsy worried for his safety.

Chita officially divided into 2 parts: Chita Chita-1 and -2. Townspeople joke that there are more and Chita-3 — Graveyard. At the local cemetery dominiruyut unusual for us metal monuments of welded tubes. Their tips show confessional composition of the inhabitants of the city: the Orthodox, Buddhists, atheists, and well …

Nicely over 7000 miles away from home found in Chita something familiar, such as this store Molodechno furniture. Here is a good range, almost like in Minsk. But few visitors. Probably because that is have to compete with cheaper Chinese products.

The proximity of China in Chita really felt. In including on the names on the city streets. The proximity to Japan is seen in the absolute victory on the local roads pravarulnyh used cars.

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