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The author on the holy mountain Alhanov

Autochthonous area of Baikal, breeders, Buryats perhaps better suited to survive in this harsh region. Buryats live and safeguard their language, traditions and faith in the Buryat Autonomous Republic with the capital Ulan-Ude, Ust-Orda autonomous region in the Irkutsk region and the Aga Autonomous Region in the Trans-Baikal region. Aga Aga district located to the southeast of Chita, near Mongolia, it consists of only three parts, here live on less 100 000 people. Previously, the county has been subject of the Russian Federation, and now, after the referendum, which was held on the initiative of Moscow, became part of the Trans-Baikal region.

The capital of the county, township Aga, allegedly reborn in Lately here built a lot of modern buildings. In the center of the village — a monument of Mother Yeah. The monument is decorated with symbolic gates, decorated in Buddhist style.

Buddhism among the Buryat actively reviving. Agin datsan (lamaistski monastery) restores their temples and assimilates land previously seized from the monks of the Soviet regime. In datsan now racked up 40 and 30 students of the Institute of Buddhist spiritual.

In the early 90's here on a pastoral visit to the Dalai Lama visited. He lived in a wooden house.

Since then it has built up a lot. For example, this series of sacral objects which are termed "mortar".

Such a mortar set up, and the main sanctuary Oginskiai drilled — in the church, "Brahma" in the holy mount Alhanov. Prior to that, the natural gate, which the wind blew in the rock, always drawn Buddhist pilgrims and tourists. All the delights and energy of this place, and the beauty of mountain and taiga landscapes. Believers are told about the miracles that took place here, for example, on the rocks themselves manifest texts of Buddhist prayers — the mantras. Natural temple stands at 1,500 targets above sea level.

Buryats here bring their donations — tapes, coins, candy, corn and worshiped shrine.

Women without children tend to Mount Alhanov and another natural temple "Inside Mother." According beliefs, when a woman will go to this small cave, then it necessarily will have children.

One of these two attendees years ago bring a copy of birth certificate, which appeared after her visit to "gut Mother."

Men in this grotto is prohibited. They may ask about the performance of their desires, build a little pyramid of stones — "Suburghan." Valley suburganav hides thousands of one's desires. A pyramid and then left the blog author.

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