Silver fell to Australia home




A visit to our planet's various unidentified flying and falling objects is always in the ranks of earthlings terrible commotion. Indeed, you never know what might suddenly fall down. Yesterday something huge fell on Australia. Local resident peacefully driving his truck on the highway in New South Wales. About nine o'clock in the evening, he suddenly saw the falls from the sky huge silver object the size of a house. Reaching the ground, it exploded with a roar of artillery shells and a bright flash. Eyewitness hastened to inform the police about what they saw. His information was confirmed by the staff of Sydney Airport, which at the time were on duty at the observation tower and also observed a strange phenomenon.

The authorities decided to find out what is fallen on the heads of the Australians, and went to look for traces of the intruder. They combed the entire area east of the highway and on the slope of a nearby hill, where, according to the driver, fell silvery miracle. However, no trace of them could be found, and they gave it up, giving the scientists and the curious an opportunity to continue the search.

I must say that the exotic continent, the birthplace of the kangaroo, is a favorite spot visits of different aliens, and the heavenly bodies. So, in early April, residents of the town of Winston in the Australian state of Queensland have seen an unidentified flying object brightness in the "50 thousand spotlights." Experts then put forward a variety of explanations of the incident — from a meteorite to space debris. "The only thing we are sure — it was not a plane," — said the representative of the Australian search and rescue.

In 2002, the Green continent had traces of a meteorite that fell to the Earth 3.5 billion years ago. Dimensions found space guest, American scientists have estimated in 50 kilometers. The main proof of his visit — the so-called deposits sferiklov — miniature balls melted stone, which have also been found in South Africa. This is — a typical trace fall to Earth a large space body. For example, the asteroid that caused the extinction of the tribe of dinosaurs left behind a thick layer of sferiklov 2 centimeters.

The researchers suggested that the fall of the meteorite 3.5 billion years ago, did not lead to the complete extinction of life on Earth is unique because there was nobody to die then — a planet inhabited only microorganisms. However, according to scientists, the meteorite has dramatically changed the course of evolution, if only due to the fact that the Earth cooled dramatically, which in those days, the average temperature is +85 ° C.

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