Since the beginning of the year, consumer prices rose more than 15%

Consumer prices rose by more than 15%. However, only in the last week, prices have risen by about 3.9%. This was on May 20 the deputy chairman of the National Statistical Committee Irina Kangro.

"If this trend will continue, it will be repeatedly exceeded the forecast rate of inflation for 2011"- Predicted the clerk.

According to the forecast of socio-economic razvitsyatsya Belarus, in 2011, inflation should not exceed 8.5%, BelaPAN.

"The continuous rise in prices since the beginning of the year, while reducing real wages (March to December it was 90.8%) affected the purchasing power of the population, — said the head of the statistics of prices of consumer goods and services are the main control prices Belstat Tatiana Michalevic .

Table: How did pakurnitskaya ability, based on the average monthly earnings

Goods How many could Buy in December 2010 How many can be purchased in March-2011
Bread 885 kg 786 kg
Vegetable oil 265 l 235 l
Milk 965 l 868 l
Potatoes 921 kg 711 kg

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