Six anarchists being questioned in connection with the explosion

Law enforcement authorities in Belarus have detained six activists of the anarchist movement in the case of an explosion at the Russian embassy.

As the Site, Igor Bogachek, Valeria Hawtin, Sergey Slyusar, Nicholas Dedok, Alex Zhyngerovki Franzkevich and Alexander were arrested Sept. 3 at about 6 am, and law enforcement officials to still are in custody at the Center for isolation of offenders Akrestsin Street in Minsk. The detainees were interrogated for their involvement in the incident at the Russian Embassy in Minsk, into which threw Molotov cocktails.

According to the website, the young men rented an apartment together in one district of Minsk. In the morning the phone rang in the apartment, one of the young men opened the door. In the apartment raided by law enforcement officers in plain clothes and detained participants. The apartment also searched and seized five computers, two laptops, mobile phones, money, bills and magazines.

As the, detainees "are community activists involved in various social movements to protect Human Rights, labor and the freedom to access information. "

The maximum period of detention without charge in Belarus is 72 hours. The prosecutor may extend this period to 10 days.

The police have not commented on the situation.

The incident at the Russian embassy in Minsk took place the evening of August 30. At 22.20 the staff of the Department of the Interior Ministry of Belarus while traversing the embassy found burning a company car "Mazda-3". At the scene was found a glass bottle with a capacity of 0.33 liters of fuel mixture remains and pieces of glass bottle with remnants of the wick. Opened into the incident criminal case on "hooliganism."

September 2 online resources and put a statement in which he said that the responsibility for the attack on the Russian Embassy in Minsk on the evening of August 30 took the anarchists. "With this action we express our anger and protest against the arrests and repression of social activists who stood up to defend the Khimki forest in Moscow", — noted in a statement.

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