Small earthquake recorded in the Chinese capital

Earthquake of magnitude 1.8 occurred on Saturday morning in the Chinese capital, reports news portal "Sina" referring to the State Seismological Centre.

Tremor small force was recorded at 06.16 local time (02.16 MSK). Epicenter was at a depth hit 8 miles. Earthquake felt residents metropolitan areas Chaoyang and Shunyi.

Sensible earthquakes occur rarely in Beijing. Nevertheless, in the last few days in the area seismologists record increase in seismic activity. A day earlier, a magnitude 1.7 jolt was recorded in Mentougou district in the west of Beijing.

Last sizeable earthquake in Beijing in May 2008, the day the devastating impact of the underground in the south-western province of Sichuan. Several times in the history of the city he had been a strong underground shocks, particularly in 1679 and 1730.


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