Smiley on Mercury

NASA employees photographed on Mercury "happy little crater." "The central peaks of complex craters formed in such a way that resemble a smiling face," — signed by NASA employees of a photo published on the site.

Funny picture was taken probe NASA Messenger. This unit, launched in 2004, with the last year exploring the surface of Mercury and has already become famous by another image — a silhouette of Mickey Mouse, made up of the craters of the planet. By the way, in the gallery of the probe Messenger at NASA is a picture of another smiley face that looks like Cookie Monster from "Sesame Street."

Emoticons in space, as it turned out, not so rare, "smile" also found on Mars. Smiley appeared on the sun — in 2010 formed the magnetic field luminaries smile of about 600,000 kilometers and eye diameter of 200 thousand kilometers.



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