Solntseedy. Stupidity, or the path to enlightenment?

A lot of exercise in the world and even more people. which follow them. Some of these "religions" to bring some benefit, others thoroughly spoil health, while others simply can not live up to instant enlightenment. Today introduce you to people who voluntarily choose to refuse to take food and water. They call themselves Solntseedy or autotrophs, and they derive their strength from the world around them!

Back in 1925 in "The autotrophic humanity" famous scientist Vladimir Vernadsky expressed an interesting idea: "As long as humanity in the diet depends on the rest of the plant and animal world, it can not adequately be secured … Actually, it would not be a man, and what something more intelligent being … "

Solntseedy — people capable (according to them) to transform the energy of sunlight (and space) in the "life force" ("pranic nourishment").

Solntseedy — "Other" of our time

Now press (not just yellow) and on TV very often you can find information about crop circles and UFOs-powerful healers and mysterious magicians, about the different natural anomalies, etc. etc. Solntseedy remain in a kind of information, "shadow", but the phenomenon of our time to 99%, which is surprising (to them will also add that with anorexia Solntseedy phenomenon has nothing to do).

Eat nothing or almost nothing to eat, drink only water to drink or not … It all depends on availability. "Ready" — a very important concept here: we Solntseedy there is a significant alteration of an organism under a new "energy" food, then get in a day or a year, even if directed exercises, practices, not really (although it's all individually). For people purely "material" solntseedy — people "from another planet" or something Some of the Watches.

Soltseedy (in English, the terms "Living on Light", "Inedia", "Breatharianism") through self-improvement, a long preparation (directed, but often not conscious) were able to reveal the internal organs to a greater percentage (said to have moved to a new level " breath "), when the need for food is no longer material.

We pass from tezisno to specific people, their experience.

Sun, air and water …

— Sun, air and water — that's all my food — said Nikolai Dolgoruky (Solntseedy from Zaporozhye from the street Solar, Ukraine). — On August 25, 2003 was not eating … I look at the sun, five hours a day. My record — 13 hours … I walk barefoot on the ground, I sleep in the winter and in the summer on the street or in one of the pyramids (the pyramids were built by Nicholas Roerich in the courtyard of his home, have, according to him, healing properties and energy associated with these structures in Egypt and Mars).

Solntseedy Nikolai Dolgoruky

At first, I was drinking milk, cocoa, now — drink only "charged" water (just do not boil), stir in a cup of tea spoon of honey. I drink about ten of these cups a day. That's it! The energy of the sun and cosmos as an organism in respect of photosynthesis are enough for me. I even feel like my blood is updated.

— To become a Solntseedy, some books, probably not enough?

— It is necessary desire and connection to God, the Hierarchy of Light (the higher powers). All my actions controlled by God. I like the interface, I get the information and what to do. It is enough to plunge into the darkness and silence.

— Well, you have the ability to …

— Everybody has. Solntseedy Anyone can become. I have no secrets. I am willing to undergo a medical examination, which will give the opportunity to study the phenomenon of solntseedeniya. I'm glad that there are followers. Ready to share your knowledge: but not with idle curious, and those who want to change themselves, "seeking" …

To date, in the world according to various estimates there are between a few hundred to thousands of Solntseedy 8-10. According to others in the world soltseedov about 20,000, and it is only those who do not hide from those around her lifestyle. There is evidence of the dynamics of growth in the number of "people of the sun" and their students.

The most famous solntseedka

Perhaps the most famous soltseedom in the West today is an Australian writer Dzhasmuhin (Jasmuheen, ie "fragrance Eternity"), a former financial adviser Ellen Grev (Ellen Greve), the founder of a new religion "Dyhanienizma" (Bretarianizm, Breatharianism).

Dzhasmuhin, Jasmuheen

Bretarianizm means the balance of power between the state, which will lead to optimal independence from physical gross food (food with divine light, that food as breathing).

Dzhasmuhin says its philosophy is based on the practice of fasting, used by Tibetan monks, and she is a messenger from the "ascended masters", which communicates by means of cosmic telepathy. Solntseedka developed the famous 21-day "course of treatment" — the phasing out of food. According to her, "with dyhanienizma we free ourselves from the main tormenting us the primitive fear that if we do not have, then we shall die."

Solntseedka Dzhasmuhin says that she more than 5,000 supporters across the world (another ballpark figure). In her book, "Living Light" ("Living on Light") stating that the doctrine of renunciation of food and drink provides an ideal opportunity to get rid of anorexia (psychopathological syndrome, manifested in the obsessive quest for weight loss, which is realized through diet or complete rejection of food) and the world of hunger. Besides being taught in that it has established "Internet Academy of Space" (Cosmic Internet Academy, CIA). Without food Dzhasmuhin costs since 1993.
Zinaida Baranova — Solntseedy from God

Since March 2000, completely refused to eat (and since April of water) Zinaida G. Baranov — known Russian solntseedka from Krasnodar.

— I breathe and get food through the energy centers (chakras), lungs and skin from the atmosphere. — Says Zinaida Baranova. — Do not be surprised. Sunlight is the elementary particle. They can enter into resonance with the particles of the body's cells to form all the chemical elements necessary for nutrition.

Solntseedka Zinaida Baranova

If a person enters into a state of such a resonance, it has the power centers are beginning to work. It interacts with the microcosm of the macrocosm. This ability is at everyone. But people are so intoxicated food, bad deeds and thoughts that this ability is almost lost.

Going to live without food for me was familiar, and I easily adapted. But anhydrous had a hard time being: in the cells of the body began deep cleaning, which was accompanied by vibrations throughout the body, weakness, dry mouth as a result of emissions of toxins through the salivary gland. There were also releases on the skin as its peeling and "mosquito bites." This state lasted for about one and a half months. Only full trust in the teachers gave me the strength and endurance.

Living without drinking has become possible as a result of transmutation, transformation of the lungs, they gained the ability to assimilate moisture from the air.

Of interest are the results of the medical examination Zinaida Baranova: pressure 120 over 80, the teeth in perfect condition, breathing 2-2.5 times slower than that of ordinary people, the body temperature does not rise up to 36 degrees. Furthermore, the body Zynaida Grigorevny noted increased silicon content — thirty units instead of two standard.

— I also did an electrocardiogram — says Zinaida Baranova. — Doctor long studied the results puzzled scratching his hand behind his head, and my question is: "Well, doctor?" Just threw up his hands: "You will live a very long time — it's the only thing I can say." Another time spent ultrasound. The doctors said, 'You have residual symptoms of hepatitis and pancreatitis. " But neither this nor that I had never been. Tried to diagnose method Foll. Since the operator at all eyes on the forehead climbed: the device shows that I'm healthy 18-year-old girls.

From an interview with ZG Baranova, "A woman who does not eat."

Solntseedy and the future of mankind

The idea of "do not eat, drink" in the future will only gain momentum. And it is not even in the rejection of "the usual daily bread" — it is rather a consequence. Same result in the evolution of the physical body: alteration of the internal organs (they say "vibratory level of existence"), changes in body temperature (down) … and, as a consequence, the disclosure of hidden natural abilities (healing, levitation, telepathy …) and the extension of life.

Solntseedy already proved that the process of "intangible power" ("pranic nourishment") run possible — put another fat plus the list of human capabilities.

Once again, everything should be ready. One belief is not enough. "I do not have — it is dangerous to life!" There are cases when ordinary people, having heard lectures soltseedki with experience Dzhasmuhin, refused to eat and died of hunger and exhaustion.

And … what next?
Solntseedy show by example the forward motion vector for the whole of humanity. The transition to a "soft" food — it's just the beginning, and then before the person will open new horizons … then people might be able to finally achieve immortality …

But that's a topic for another day …


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