Sounds of Syria Ride of the Valkyries (Poll)

Sounds of Syria "Ride of the Valkyries" (Poll) South American Senator John McCain has confirmed the delivery of drugs and guns Syrian rebels. Despite the fact that the opponents of the regime of Bashar Assad and "Friends of Syria" strongly refuted reports of such transfers, the information Senator quite right puts an end to the matter. The funds for the recruitment and arming criminals come from Arab Gulf monarchies massive flow. This information was announced on Sunday in an interview with broadcaster CNN. John McCain said that "happy about it," and urged the administration of the United States also begin direct military assistance to the Syrian "rebels".

In turn, the representative of the gang "Free Syrian Army" (FSA) Aref Hammoud said that Syrian State Council and other groups zabugornoy Syrian opposition began to stuff the "rebels" have a huge amount of money to buy weapons on the black market, which operates in northern Syria on the border with Turkey.

In fact, this flow of money and weapons and explains the sharp rise militant activity and the appearance of a mass of foreign mercenaries in the ranks of the "Syrian opposition". Their "work" for the benefit of "democracy and prosperity" Syria just pay. According disk imaging newspaper The Washington Post commanders fighters pay them 50 to $ 100 per month. It is clear that the Europeans for a "salary" will not breathe, but it is completely possible to get a "cannon fodder" in the Middle East region. Poverty and the criminal element in the bulk region. Because exchange consumable by Syrian soldier and police can be virtually any ratio, as required rack up yet.

South American senator is fascinating in that it is not looking at the content of his own speeches, and sometimes says that all who should know, but prefer not to sound. On the other hand, the mercenary John McCain — a beautiful instrument of information warfare. Senator conveys to recipients overt verbal chaff message. For example, an allusion to Vladimir Putin about the fate of Gaddafi. Officially, it is impossible to say yet, but here's an old veteran, and even after the captivity, can fully.

And in Syria are announcements of one another "fun." They are one hundred percent support the view that Westerners accused Assad (well, at least some enemy of the West) in everything, even in relations with alien invaders and the forces of evil to inspire Meshchaninov need for "humanitarian bombing". Since June 12, the United Nations expressed concern over yet another mass killing in a huff in the province of Latakia. According to human rights activists disk imaging, killing more than 106 people, most of them peaceful inhabitants. And again raised issue of children. Frame Syrian military used the kids as a "human shield" — they were forced to sit on the tank and go to the meeting of the "rebels" in order to keep their attack. "Human Shield" from the kids — this is another invention of human rights, which are not amenable to verification. But in the memory of the inhabitants, of course, has been postponed. And plus the "civilized world" prior to "innocent victims" of the Assad regime.

The information war against Syria in full swing. June 13 press secretary UN special envoy on Syria, Kofi Annan, Ahmad Fawzi said that United Nations observers have documented the introduction of Syrian forces attack helicopters. According to Ahmed Fawzi, this is the first case where the UN inspectors with our eyes made sure that Syrian forces applied by the towns of air strikes. With all of this spokesman evaded a direct answer to the question about the need for the Syrian government over the "no-fly zone." In his view, it is the prerogative of the UN Security Council.

This message is perfectly superimposed on nearly simultaneous announcement of the United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She accused Russia of supplying Syria attack helicopters. She supported the official dealer of the South American State Department Victoria Nuland. According to her, it appears that the Russian weapon used in the suppression of the protests of the "people." A number is a good one: Syrian "Bloody regime" scathing "peaceful inhabitants with aviation and using the kids as a" human shield "in league with the" empire of evil "(Russia), which supplies the helicopters and other tools for the murder of the Syrian people. Russia is uniformly converted to "Mordor", which again "reborn" and threatens "the forces of light." Year after year, the West's rating friendly states. According to the rating Global Peace Index, posted on June 13, the Russian Federation took the sixth place from the end, having appeared on 153 of the 158 line. In "our" group — Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel and North Korea. So Makarov, in the West do white-black and vice versa. It's our home with North Korea bombarded and dismember Yugoslavia and occupied Iraq and Afghanistan, destroyed Libya sparked "myatezhvoynu" in Syria. A NATO "peace-loving". For example, only the U.S. squander on arms almost half of the total military budget of the planet.

In addition, on June 13 the head of the UN observer mission in Hong Herve Ladsus said that the current situation in Syria is completely possible to find a "civil war." The Syrian government, in his view, had lost control of a significant part of the country and a number of cities, is now trying to regain its authority. The Assad regime is not in full applies only armored vehicles and artillery, and aircraft. Little time left before the moment when the "civilized world" will claim to punish the "bloody dictator" and to establish "a no-fly zone" by carpet bombing.

If you believe the disk imaging, which serves the western media, it turns out that the number of "innocent victims" grown to 14 million people, the total desertion and defeat the Syrian army have become commonplace, and the population Tipo unanimously requested Bashar Assad. So, a few days reported on a Syrian air defense units that defected to the militants. Confirmation of the same were some low-informative videos from YouTube. Then the silence around this topic, and this is entirely accurate says that she almost everything has been invented. Then he passed the information on virtually semidiurnal fierce fight in the heart of the Syrian capital. In principle, the real event. But it is not of strategic importance. For example, in October 2002, a group of armed militants led by Movsar Barayev seized hostages from among the audience of the musical "Nord-Ost" in the House of Culture "Moscow Bearing" in Moscow. But this event does not mean that Russian military and intelligence agencies are one hundred percent disorganized and incapable. Another example, in Dagestan, not so long ago, a half-day riot smoked 3 bandits out of the shelter. So Makar, if the fight was in Damascus, he was of the same nature.

In general, Syria, while there are clashes purely local significance. The Assad regime shows very great vitality, it supports a significant portion of the population. People understand that better after winning militants and their Western and Arab backers, will not. At the same time it is clear that mode Assad can not stand alone against &
quot;the international community". Syria condemned, the question is how it will stand still. It is clear that the planting of Russian peacekeepers, or inclusion Syria of the union of the country our homeland and Belarus are unlikely.

The owners of the West do not retreat, Syria — an area that is of strategic importance. More unsafe for Damascus directions — this sea, northern (Turkish) and the Iraqi. Not in vain fulfills NATO air strikes landing with landing — the capture of Tartus and access to Homs. The city of Homs is of strategic importance because it is an important transit hub in the region of pipeline infrastructure. Capturing Homs Westerners virtually cut Syria, without control over the ports and the "pipe" Damascus is doomed. Second line — is Turkey if Ankara will dissolve to create a "security zone". Punch will be applied in the direction of Aleppo (Aleppo) — Nahal — Homs. Another dangerous trend — the territory of Iraq.

Total immersion in Syria will lead to an inferno of a series of negative effects. The number of victims in Syria will grow an order of magnitude, the country shrink on the war of all against all. In the end, this war would bring misery to many people and will have consequences for the entire population. Chaos begins to suck in areas of Iran, Turkey, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Iraq will be a very destabilized. To extinguish the flame will have to make great efforts and shed a sea of blood.

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