South China floods the heavy rainfall

Starting from April 16, some parts of Guangdong province in southern China are covered by long showers. Particularly affected the west and north of the province.

So, in Tszyanmyne Yantszyane and received more than 100 mm of rain in some places up to 188 mm. In the north, Jiangxi to the south-east and Hunan Guydzhou, in the northeast of Guangxi rainfall was slightly lower — to 30-70mm in a day.

Over the next three days the rains continue their march to the south of the country, intensifying to the south and southeast of the Yangtze River. Daily rate of precipitation drops below 50-70 mm in some areas of projected loss of 150 mm. Showers will be even in Tibet. Here and there are expected thunderstorms, gale winds and hail.

Such catastrophic weather increases the risk of flooding and landslides, damage falling hail, so management of the above regions are trying as quickly as possible to test the preventive facilities.

At the same time in the north of China which day raging sandstorm in Xinjiang Basin, in central and western Mongolia, and in the west Chinese province of Gansu. But by the end of the week even when projected minor and moderate rainfall. A little later, rain comes to the Yellow River Basin and the river Huayhe and Shandong peninsula.


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