Space images reveal pollution

Most industrial enterprises located on the banks of rivers, reservoirs and lakes. Waste of their production, they pollute the environment.

Pollution is different: mechanical, chemical, biological and thermal. Pollute the water and vehicles. So as a result of tanker accidents is a loss of fuel, and as a result, the pollution of water and air. Satellite imagery can identify all kinds of dirt.

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To explore the characteristics of the formation on the satellite image areas of pollution, scientists, on a specially selected test sites, conduct research. In the analysis of satellite images as key were selected Kremenchug, Dneprodzerzhinskoe, Dnieper, and Kakovskoe reservoir.

Space images are used to study the "flowering" of water in the reservoirs. Analysis of the images shows that the most intense "bloom" Dneprodzerzhinskoe and Kremenchug reservoir. Lots of water, which is contaminated, the pictures are of a lighter tone. Have the same tone and shallow waters. But the picture is constant shallow water, and contaminated sites — changes with time.

Mechanical contamination of surface water is usually associated with chemical contamination. The sources of pollution are waste businesses, and agricultural activities (various chemicals). "Flowering" of water — the main feature of biological contamination can be caused by chemical pollution, violations of the hydrological regime of reservoirs, hydraulic works and other satellite images to help sort out the problems of pollution on Earth.

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