Specialists on the rise, the bears in the woods rods Primorye

Specialists on the rise, the bears in the woods rods PrimoryeOf the reserve recorded in Primorsky Krai region Lazo abnormal number of bears that do not lay in hibernation and can be a threat to humans in the spring because of increased aggressiveness, told RIA Novosti on Friday, the director of the National Park "Call of the Tiger" Yuri Bersenyev.

"Since the beginning of December in our park to account all the animals on the trail in the snow. During our staff has found fresh tracks of several bears that are not formed into hibernation. This is a rather rare phenomenon. Clumsy also traces have been found in neighboring reserves. Last years of such "mass" vacillation bears were recorded, "- said the source.

According to him, the rods — and the brown and Himalayan bears. According to the version of specialists, animal decided not "go to sleep", because due to the large crop of acorns were always full. And in order to lie down to sleep, the bear must endeavor to save energy in the absence of food.

"Who bears-rods roam the forest, feeding on acorns thawed slopes. Moreover, some of them like to ride in the snow: so they are itching after bites of parasites," — said the source.

He noted that, most likely, will not zalyagut bears in hibernation, so they should have to do it in December. In this case, in the spring they will be exhausted and aggressive.

"Cases of a bear attack-rods on people — are not uncommon. Starveling often in search of food rushes to the settlements. At this time, the bear usually calm changing as hunger forces them to rush to all life," — said the source.

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