Stanislav Kotsyubsky contacts with aliens and UFOs

Captain retired Stanislav Kotsyubsky from Chernigov entrusted the military secret contacts with Soviet pilots aliens from outer space, which is kept for thirty years.

In our letter to the editor it's unusual. "I accidentally fell into the hands of newspaper" Facts "from July 20, 2008. There I read a publication under the title "I'm jealous husband for an Alien …" Until now thought that once I saw the humanoids are conducting operations earthlings, leaving no seams.

It turns out that in the Rivne region have family that can confirm my words, and I, in turn, is ready to confirm their story — wrote us a 70-year-old retired officer Stanislav Kotsyubsky.

— In 1970 I flew the strategic bomber Tu-95. Our task was to also monitor the UFO. "" Aliens are very interested in military installations and nuclear power plants, "private house, where Stanislav Franzevich with his wife, is located on a quiet street in Chernigov. At the gate of the journalist of "facts" greeted by the owner.

Man walks, leaning on a stick: the consequences of stroke.

"Aliens, with whom we met during the flight, behaved friendly: they never attacked us," — says a former employee of the secret forces Stanislav Kotsyubsky
— I do exactly this, and represented! After a flight on a flying saucer I have learned to see people talking to them on the phone — Stanislav Kotsyubsky intimidated.
— A previously could not even hear what they say about me for miles. Once overheard his wife, while in another city, I was discussing with my sister. I was lying on the couch, and suddenly as if someone turned on the radio in my head. Imagine how surprised wife when I told her conversation with her sister, word for word!

— We have for many years, buy the Friday edition of "facts" — entered into the conversation Nadezhda, wife of Stanislaus Frantsevich. — Newspapers do not throw away, and add up in the closet. Two weeks ago, I pulled out a stack of old newspapers, the husband began to read them. And suddenly barked, 'Nadia, come here! This article is about what I've been through! "He showed me the publication of the family of the Rivne region. In the summer of 2008 my husband was very ill, he did not have to newspapers. This article is its highly excited, he even started to cry. And then went on to tell that! I would not believe it myself, if not lived with her husband 25 years.

Dreamer he never byl.V article that is so excited Stanislaus Kotsyubskogo, wife of Vladimir and Olga from Voronezh city of Dubno, Rivne region tells how one night incomprehensible force pulled them both out of the bed and moved in a flying saucer. There they were met by twelve creatures of small stature and a two-meter giant, whose entourage called "professor". The aliens did some surgery to Olga, then offered to Vladimir to have sex with a female humanoid. But then intervened in the situation Olga: she became quite emotional humanoid explain the feelings of earthlings.

Extraterrestrial beings do not quite understand what love and jealousy, but conceded the request of the lawful spouse to stop sexual experiment. As a moral compensation for the inconvenience caused by aliens held for the spouses of the Voronezh tour of the galaxies, talked about going in the universe space war and was told that there is no death.

Then Olga and Vladimir returned to their own bedroom. It is interesting that in addition to the spouses of Voronezh, a flying saucer that night saw their children: eight-and nine-year-Angelica Vanessa.

According to Stanislav Kotsyubskogo, he also visited a prisoner of extraterrestrial civilizations. Having retired from the army in 1980, Stanislav Franzevich given a written non-disclosure of military secrets for over thirty years. Even relatives could not trust. Now, a military retiree wishes he had recorded their experiences to paper on a fresh impressions. Indeed, much has been erased from the memory.

— For the first time I encountered a UFO in 1961, when he served in the Baltic States on the radar — says Stanislav Kotsyubsky.

— By the way, you know, why the alien ships are called "unidentified flying object"? This term came up with the military. The fact that the operator saw on the monitor flying object was to determine whose plane is: ours or the enemy. We have sent a signal to the board, and if it was a Soviet plane, he was responsible for a specific cipher. A foreign aircraft did not respond, so we called them unidentified objects.

Fifty kilometers from our station was a military airfield. One day I noticed that in the sky above him something hanging. But to define what that is, devices could not. I hesitated what to do: inform the authorities or to remain silent? And if you think I'm a fool? And yet filed a report. For this I was called to the leadership, praised and even been promoted.

Later, watching the UFO over the years, I realized why the UFO hung over the airport for nearly ten hours. Aliens for some reason very interested in our military installations, nuclear power plants and the like. I was transferred from the Baltic to the Arctic on the first line of air defense. I served on the island of Novaya Zemlya, where the Soviet military tested nuclear bombs — only when I have more than 25 explosions.

We had radars to measure the parameters of explosions. How many UFO was! We were instructed to ignore them all the attention — on the job.

Among our many earthlings live. So we know all about you

— In 1967 I was in the secret army — continues Stanislav Kotsyubsky. — Our team was flying on the strategic bomber Tu-95. The aircraft was equipped with on-board computers, video equipment, tape recorders, various locators.

It was a real miracle of technology. In addition to the five members of the crew, the plane was still 15 people radiolokatorschiki, electrical engineers, photographers, cameramen. The plane took off from secret underground airfield built near Providence Bay on the Chukchi Peninsula. Our edifice in tow dragged through the tunnel to the runway. We could be in the air for two days. If you do not have enough fuel, we went up to the aircraft refueling tankers from the territory of friendly countries.

At the Tu-95 I flew 7,200 hours. We had a task: to come as close to the border with the United States, to see and hear all that you can. In addition, the team received: "In the case of UFOs and all defer to monitor only for him." Due to the fact that UFOs are virtually no markings, we distinguish between these objects only in form. Some looked like an inverted saucer, others were in the form of a cigarette or a cylinder, and yet we have repeatedly seen flying cube.

Some phones glowed bright blue or silvery light. Aliens have behaved friendly: they never attacked us. Typically, the aliens come near our plane is close enough, but when the distance between us was reduced to eight kilometers, their ship went sharply to the side.

Interestingly, they fly completely silently. And our TU-95 thundered so that pledged ushi.Odnazhdy UFO approached us close and long flying side by side with the plane. We were surprised and decided to somehow make friends with this mysterious object. The boys opened the door of the plane (the good height allowed), I hid behind her and waved his hand flying saucer. And then the guys say: UFO swung like as said "hello."

Then I took off his headphones and waved them in the doorway, saying that it is necessary to talk, come on contact. And suddenly … I hear in my mind the question: "Do you have a computer?" Then a lot of talking about telepathy, but personally I thought it was nonsense. He himself was convinced: thoughts can be transmitted at a distance!
— Is it in 1970, the Soviet military used computers?
— You were not born yet, when we already had mobile phones! In the secret armies were all, no doubt. So, I would reply, "Of course there is!" He said to me: "Come to the computer."

And then I almost fell: on the screen there was an inscription in Russian letters, "What is your name?" Sitting at the computer operator, he also opened his eyes: "Who sent you? 'I typeset your call," Orbita-2, No. 33 " . Further write: "Why do not you talk to me?" I looked at the plate, and in it if someone had pushed back the curtain, and formed a kind of door.

In the doorway appeared higher being without a spacesuit. The face looks like a human, only gray. But his hands were long and fetched almost to his knees. I blurted out, "You are so like us!" Alien telepathically said, "Among our many earthlings live. So we know all about you. " Can you imagine? Honestly, I was scared: who knows what this conversation could end? In general, I quickly wished alien Godspeed. He calmly said, "We'll meet again" — and as if melted in the air.

Where are the aliens from the downed ship? He did not fly all by itself!

— His alien friend I nicknamed Arsom — says Stanislav Kotsyubsky. — When we were flying on a combat mission, I mentally asked him, "Where are you?" He said, "I am here." Once firmly Ars helped us out. We just headed for the Atlantic ahead of us flew three long-range bombers Tu-16.

Suddenly, we hear from the radio that one of the aircraft engine failure. I called his friend Ars, I say to him: "Our distress. Can you help? "What happened then, we have learned from the commander of the crew. "We have already started to fall, when I look: UFO appeared nearby — he told me. — And suddenly stalled engine … as zagudit: oo-oo-oo! What was it, kill me, I do not understand. "

In 1972 he began to walk the talk, saying that you need to shoot down a UFO at all costs. But it was not easy. I remember we were shown a film: Soviet aircraft produced in a flying saucer several missiles, and they flew away from her, like peas from the wall. It was said that the Americans were also trying to knock out a UFO. However, the object suddenly disappeared, and the American fighter was blown to pieces. I am a fool, and take lyapni commander: "I could shoot down a UFO!" He asks, "How?" I explained, under the belly of our TU-95 can hide the two-plane traps that disorient the enemy's sight-locator.

As the UFO allowed near our aircraft close enough, then using traps we can trick him and try to knock down. About my idea was reported to the Army General Yepishev. He was the chief of the Main Political Directorate of the Soviet Army. Epishev said: "We need to find out what the unknown devices are flying over the Soviet Union." This task is assigned to our team, I was put in charge of the job.

Then I wished he got into this business, but we had no choice. We flew out on the usual route and soon spotted a UFO. The object was large: around fifty feet in diameter and eight feet tall. We approached it very closely, and fired a rocket shot up dramatically. The blast was so powerful that our plane was already thrown. UFO began to decline: after all we did was hit.

— On the ground we passed that plate landed near Vladivostok near the station Smolyaninovo Shkotovsky area — continues Stanislav Kotsyubsky. — Throughout the Soviet Union were already organized special search team. One of them came in a few minutes by helicopter to the landing plate. In the meantime, we were instructed to head for Vladivostok. I was taken to the crash of alien spacecraft, I had to confirm that knocked it is this device.

Even on the road, I was told that within the plates for some reason no living creatures. Although the object fell into an uninhabited area, thirty-kilometer zone around the cordoned off the scene of the accident. I met a KGB colonel and began to question if this is the UFO. Similarly, I could not say, because, as I said, they are all very similar. However, the size of the unit match.

Interestingly, lying on the ground, the plate is not shining. Near the UFO lay the pieces of metal similar to aluminum. I took one in the hands light as a sheet of paper! Inside the ship was equipped with a strange apparatus, no one knew how to handle it. So far, I can not figure out what happened to the aliens from the ship? He did not fly all by itself! What then did the military is flying saucer, I do not know. For the successful execution of the job I was awarded a week-long holiday and the medal "For Courage".

— Captured by aliens landed our team, apparently, for the fact that we have brought down their ship — shakes his head Stanislav Franzevich.
— In May 1973, we just took off on alert, the plane gained altitude, and suddenly something strange began to happen. Engines operating at full capacity, all appliances are in good condition, and our plane fell down … slowly.

We landed on the beach. Flight engineer opened the door and swore obscenities: "Guys, b .., we are sitting on the rocks!" And suddenly, out of nowhere — a UFO! The device floating in the air within five meters of our TU-95. We like spellbound, went outside. On board the aircraft, except for me, it was another 20 people. We all went against his will on an alien ship through the air like an escalator. There was a feeling that you tighten the invisible funnel.

We were in a big white room, quiet and calm. It was impossible to understand the ship is flying or standing still. We were left a senior — high alien, like my friend Ars. Next to him — a few creatures just below the height of a man. They called the senior "professor". One of our asked: Where are we? He waved his hand, and one of the walls of the room was a glass. Below us swam some African desert.

But this is impossible, a few minutes ago we were on the other side of the globe! Long-term observations indicate that UFOs reach speeds of three to eight thousand miles per minute. I was very interested in how these objects move at such a crazy speed. I asked, "professor", saying that what is your secret? He said the same thing said humanoids spouses Voronezh (the heroes of the publication of "facts" in 2008. — Ed.)

We break the space and time

I still can not understand how is it? Then the "professor" turned to the captain Nikolai Petrovich: "You are sick." The commander nodded, saying that it's true. Then humanoids rolled out a table and ordered our commander undress.

And then our navigator lost his nerve. He shouted "edrit your mother," and rushed to the aliens. Yes, as the sun sets one's head! He flew off and hit the wall, and as a tennis ball came back. By navigator calmly approached the second humanoid, made a hand pass, and the navigator — Bryk! — Crashed to the floor.

We have just opened their mouths. Nikolai lay on the table, humanoid ran a hand over his stomach, and then, like a rag, threw a large flap of skin. The room spilled heavy smell. Our commander was lying with his eyes open, and we looked at it the exposed innards. Some of the guys start vomiting, someone fainted. It was terrifying, of course.

The aliens have to swarm in the belly of Nikolai Petrovich with his bare hands. I saw how they took out of his kidneys two stones! Then the flap of skin on the back seat, hand held, and Nikolai Petrovich … he got to his feet! I asked him: "It was painful?" "Just did not feel anything," — he shrugged his shoulders. Then we were made to sit on something like a large couch. Treated us well fed with some pills. Surprisingly, after they have had no desire to.

Two days later, the aliens have landed us on our same military airfield. We all wrote the report and explanatory why left no combat aircraft and where there were two whole days. We were saved from punishment only that airport staff have seen how our team suddenly appeared on the tarmac of nowhere.

— Have you discussed their experiences with their colleagues?
— Really! Do you know what was the secrecy? We knew each other only by their first names. In a special room, stripped naked: check that we have not learned anything from the aircraft. We are instructed: "Do not ask too many questions. No personal contacts in the team. " After this incident, we were transferred to different regions. I do not fly, and soon retired from the army …

Do not believe me? After all, I am an officer, I will not fool around. Exactly thirty years after I had been a prisoner of the alien to me had a stroke. The day before I saw the UFO he was hanging over our garden, the wife can attest. And the next day I was paralyzed. Maybe it's aliens punished me for having shot their spaceship?



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