Statue of Crazy Horse. USA

Crazy Horse — it is nothing like a great memorial, fully carved out of the rock. It is located in South Dakota. And this sculpture is dedicated to the most famous Indian chief, who was incredibly warlike. His Lakota tribe opposed to the end of America's government, which took away from them the land where they lived.

The leader, who bore the name of Crazy Horse was known as early as 1867. It was then that terrible war broke out between the local Indians and Europeans who invaded the continent. Only Crazy Horse was able to rally his men. And in one of the battles they broke even detachment William Fetterman. In all important battles, the leader was involved. It was only his faith in the future, a fair share of bravery and courage were able to convince the Lakota tribe in their abilities and power. Crazy Horse has never not caught up with the arrow of the enemy.

In the mid-20th century, it was decided to make a giant statue, which would have represented the Crazy Horse to his full height. Proposed this project architect Ziolkowski. For over 30 years the wizard worked on his masterpiece, but was able to finish as soon as the head of the leader. And the work on the statue is still going on. However, this does not interfere with the memorial to be a popular destination for tourists. Especially as there is also a unique museum that is dedicated to the Indians.


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