Storm and hail in Kuzbass: this was not 20 years old

In Khakassia and Kemerovo region eliminate the effects of severe hail. Broken windows and damaged roofs. But in addition to utilities, engaged and medical: dozens of people went to the hospital with a concussion. The hailstones were five centimeters in diameter.

Huge hailstones in Mezhdurechensk bounced off the ground just like the inside of a ping-pong table, however, the size was much larger, reaching five centimeters in diameter. Umbrellas with a storm helped little and people who caught the bad weather outside. Could only run up to the house, or at least to the nearest shelter.

In hospitals have already asked dozens of victims. Many people diagnosed with a concussion. The same who, managed to escape the house in time, we have to calculate the damage. Many apartments broken windows. Vehicles parked on the streets, now requires serious repairs. Hail lasted about 20 minutes. Immediately after he had died down, people rushed into the streets to inspect the damaged car.

In Gidrometsentre Kemerovo region said that for 20 years the first time was such a degree of Kuzbass. The reason was the temperature difference between the cold and hot air. But the locals are not interested in a lot more reasons for a natural disaster, but the fact that they had not been warned of the impending storm.

The fact that the weather forecasts do not portend any danger, and the mayor said Vadim Mezhdurechensk Shamonin. "From the town to the city of Kemerovo region suffered Mezhdurechensk Myski and towns in Tashtagol, — he said. — Damage to be assessed where specialists from the emergency committee formed."

The consequences of a severe thunderstorm with hail is also liquidated in Khakassia. There as a result of bad weather without electricity remained Altai Krai, where there are numerous recreation. There are also shortages of cellular communication. Thus, according to forecasters, rainy weather with thunderstorms and strong winds in the region will last until the end of the week.

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