Strange hum in Florida


Tornado-like sounds heard by locals

News service reports: "On Wednesday (09.03.2011), we(News channel WcTv.TV, — annotated. Translator)received many calls from residents who heard a strange sound, as if from a freight train. Residents feared that it was a tornado. But it is not. Perhaps it was a phenomenon called "duct" and in this regard, the National Weather Service in Tallahassee(Tallahassee — capital items. Florida — annotated. Translator)made a statement. "

"Tallahassee News": "On Wednesday night, we got a lot of calls, mostly from residents of the area from Woodville (Woodville) to Kroufordvilla (Crawfordville) of rumbling sounds, such as those published freight train. Residents feared that it was a tornado. But it is not. By the time the leading edge of thunderstorms was well formed in the south, and although still heard thunder, but bad weather was over.

It is natural that people have experienced some fear, knowing that a tornado funnel is formed. "

The essence of the above statements of the National Weather Service in Tallahassee include:
"Examines the phenomenon was caused by the thunder of distant lightning strikes. There is a rise of sound from the stable air layers above the source. Such a phenomenon is called "duct", in which the sound can be spread over very large distances. This, and the sound was mistakenly taken as a tornado. However, we — National Weather Service — consider it necessary to clarify: there was no tornado and they are not even predicted by us. "


All of this was written on the siteWCTVas at the date of transfer, that is, 04.04.2011.However, April 3, the content was different. Translation of the following material is from a previously saved prudently source. So:

1) First, it was reported on the number of calls and concern of local residents. Same as above article, at the very beginning after the title of "tornado-like sounds …"

2) Comment witness:

"What's that noise? We were sure that it was a tornado. But in contrast to the usual tornado, the sound does not change its position, and we've heard it for about 20 minutes. It was so loud that the house and the foundation of the house a little shake.

I called 911. They said that they do not know what it was, but that was already a lot of messages from other people about this noise. According to them, they sent a patrol to those figured out what it was …

There was a flash of light that came from the same place from which the sound was heard, after the outbreak of the noise disappeared. I thought that this is a temporary break, I still thought it possible tornado. But it did not matter. In cases where the threat of a tornado, we even send children to the bathroom and Staley mattress under them just in case.

I also phoned the news service. They said that it was not a tornado. And that the police told them to tell callers to people that it was a roaring aircraft, more noise of his engine at the airport. I live in a 6 km from the airport in the past 20 years and I've never heard so roaring engine aircraft. Argue like crazy at least.

When at last the noise stopped, we went to the airport and stopped at a gas station near the airport. Employees of the gas station said they heard nothing.

And in the 11-hour news that night, columnist Meteonovosti calls people commented about the noise so: do not worry, it was not a tornado, or even just not a plane, but only navsego … THUNDER!

If a person who has ever heard thunder, like the ones I've heard, please let me know. So strange to me that every time version of the noise changed. Are we really that stupid, or we do not know what can be like thunder?(Witness shows sarcasm — annotated. Translator).

Anyway, I do not know what it was. If you have any guesses, share, please. "

At the moment of 04/04/11 this comment was not.

3) A little later, after the above written comments were the following information. I will bring them in quotes. I quote in full.

"Last night I was surprised to see that the National Weather Service Tallahassee confirmed that the audio was recorded by radar result of" military training ", not rain. This is the area on Monday and last night (ie Tuesday) and the "catch" to discuss the noise. "See the second paragraph.

FXUS62 KTAE 090,203
AFDTAE(Maybe it is about overhead — annotated. Translator)

Discussed forecast for that region, whose people and heard the noise

9:03 am, Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Wednesday … are possible severe storms …
Update …
Forecast for tonight: increased cloud cover and lower temperatures in the range of 50 degrees to the east of 60 degrees west. Livni could reach western borderlands today late evening, however, most of the significant rain could continue until Wednesday inclusive.

While radar and record sounds from the Forecast … maybe it is the result of the echo military training, not rain, because at present on the area (which could be heard a strange noise) there is a slight cloud cover. "

Translation: Anna Krasnov


Just strange sounds were guloobraznye are fixed earlier in the various regions. You may recall that the reports of permanent minor concussion accompanied by roaring, exploding sounds.

Several video clips recorded with a strange noise / hum.

Ohio River, USA
August 11, 2009. The author tells about a 25 minute pulsating roar that was palpable across the land.



Marietta, Georgia, USA
June 21, 2008. The author reports that the sound was so loud that he was woken up at five in the morning.



Michigan, USA
February 7, 2011. Anomaly lasted for 30-45 minutes. It sounded like a jet engine, but periodically pulsed. The author wonders why this event silence the local media, although the sound was very strong.



March 24, 2011. The author claims that the sound is similar to the Florida anomaly. Sounds like a jet, but 20 times stronger, and in addition vibrant. The author rightly points out that because of the noise of wind and passing cars anomaly can be difficult to see what will be the excuse for the skeptics. But also notes that the video he posted for those who have faced similar phenomena.



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