Strange lights and Jed on the walls of the temple of the goddess Hathor at Dendera.

In 1969, the temple of the goddess Hathor in Dendera were found three pretty unusual bas-relief at the sight of whom investigators have associations with the bulb. But it is well known that in ancient Egyptian tombs there are no traces of soot …

Briefly about the image of Jed in the temple of the goddess Hathor at Dendera.
This image has long attracted the attention of researchers who hold alternative views on the ancient history of Egypt. The most common among them is the version that shows there is something such as light bulbs — but not light bulbs, and a discharge arc, which is shown in the form of a snake inside the "light bulb".

In one case, the "Jedi post" their "hands" support the lamp itself, in the other — just "arc". And here it is very similar to the normal cell. However, the Association for the appearance in such cases — something very unreliable. Although perception of the image of something that is associated with the electricity actually generated. And the text around the image does not resemble the familiar Egyptian inscriptions, welcoming owner of the temple — the goddess Hathor, and detailed instructions on the use of any technical device …

Curiously, this bas-relief is in very close quarters under the floor of the temple. You can get there only through a narrow hole, bending "in three deaths." Moreover, the absence of any of the steps and the ragged edges of floor at the entrance point to the fact that this room is not intended for daily visits and was bricked up tight. All produce the impression of a "knowledge of the gods", is carefully guarded in secrecy.

Who and when left on the wall of a basement such knowledge — is unknown. Egyptologists refer to the complex of Dendera too late — the Ptolemaic period. However, the dating of this highly unreliable. And especially in regard to the establishment of the central temple with a mysterious bas-relief in the basement.

I'll tell you the same way that the images of strange lights that lit up the space inside the pyramids, as well as the Jedi are not unique to this place. For me as obvious that they are high-tech tools that were created long before the rise of the pharaohs.

Clearly the rulers of Egypt, just as many are now, looking for the remains of the past, more advanced civilizations.

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