Strong dust storm and heavy rain and hail in India

April 13, 2012 in different parts of India, 14 people were killed and over 200 injured as a result of strong dust storms and showers of hail. Suffered most Dzhalaun district, which because of the hail, which struck early in the morning, killing nine people. The other 5 people were killed in the neighboring district. Hail broke crops in many regions.

Weather conditions due cyclonic circulation in the upper atmosphere over the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, which for 24 hours moved from west to east. Cyclonic circulation formed by the hot weather, causing not only showers with hail, and strong dust storms.

Police said most of the deaths caused by the collapse of the walls of houses and large hail, although some of the deaths and injuries caused directly by hail. Approximate weight of one gradinki was about 230 grams. Because of the squally wind raged for 2 hours, was suspended movement of trains. Besides collapsed houses, uprooted dozens of phone and electric poles, and many owners of the vehicles suffered extensive damage. The administration of the regions in which people died, an award of compensation to the bereaved families of 20 thousand rupees.

These weather conditions will last until April 14, 2012 with a lowered temperature of 1-5 degrees Celsius. In large cities, the temperature has dropped to 34 degrees, which is much colder for April.

On materials: TheWatchers; RSOE EDIS; Times Of India


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