Successful operation of Swiss doctors

According to the press service of the University Hospital of Zurich, for the first time in the world was carried out a unique operation, in which, the Swiss surgeons removed a fragment of the heart and had a liver transplant.

According to doctors, the comprehensive operation involved about twenty professionals. In April, the patient was found desyatisantimetrovaya tumor on the liver. In addition to the liver, the tumor has spread to part of the atria, the upper vein and peripheral tissues affected. During the eleventh hour operation, surgeons reconstructed upper vein with blood vessels that connect it to the heart. Blood tissue recovered by the donor material, but the affected piece of heart had to be removed. At a time when the main operation performed, the second team of surgeons engaged in liver transplant patients often taken from her sister.

According to hospital doctors, feeling sick at the moment is good and it is getting better. As commented Dr. Pierre Clive Allen, the operation has proved that you can simultaneously perform resection of the fragment of the heart and liver transplant donor. The invaluable experience gained during the operation, makes it possible to continue to operate on patients with metastases to multiple organs affected. "After rehabilitation, our patient will be active. No prohibitions and restrictions will not."

For the record: the first time in the world in 1963, the donor liver transplanted American surgeon Thomas Strazl. A successful heart surgery, the first in the world did the South African surgeon Christian Barnarod at the end of 1967.

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