Suez Canal a few hours paralyzed due to a sandstorm

Traffic on the Suez Canal was paralyzed for several hours because of the strong dust storm that struck Egypt. Strong gusts of wind off course which went under the flag of Hong Kong container ship in the end, sitting on a bank, fell across the channel, completely blocked the passage on it. After some time, arrived at the scene tugs that pulled the ship to the main channel, then the traffic was fully restored.

In addition, the seasonal "Khamsin" (strong wind carrying sand from the desert) Egypt forced the complete closure five ports on the Red Sea. In the area of Ismailia visibility down to one meter — on the slopes stood dozens of cars and trucks. According to meteorologists, the Suez Canal would be some time at the mercy of a sand storm. On the northern Mediterranean coast of Egypt, expected rainfall, according to ITAR-TASS.

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