Sufferer for Faith and Fatherland Evgeny Rodionov

In the village sateen — Russian cross stands at the grave of a soldier who died at the hands of Chechen thugs. On the cross, engraved with the inscription: "Here lies a Russian soldier Evgeny Rodionov, defending the homeland and not renounced Christ, who was executed under Bamut May 23, 1996." Bane 19-year-old boy has become a strong blow to his parents. Bane's father Alexander Konstantinovich who were not able to survive attack, took him four years after the death of offspring. The death of loved ones and the lives ruined my mother.

Martyr for the Faith and Fatherland Evgeny Rodionov

Lubov Rodionova, who sought long-son, first declared a deserter, paid assassins own boy just for the fact that it showed the place of burial. Having lost their health because of her mercilessly beaten up, my mother still had found and dug up the headless body of Eugene, to bury him at home in the Christian tradition. Then again he came back and found a long skull offspring, which the bandits split into parts, fearing persecution souls murdered. Jack was torn to pieces in a day of one's birth, for refusing to take off his crucifix and embrace the faith of Islam.

Evgeny Rodionov was born May 23, 1977 in the family of an ordinary carpenter. Working with wood was vserasprostranennoy profession in the area. Mom Eugene Lubov also worked in a furniture factory technologist. According to her story, a day of birth son fell from the sky a star, and heart ached in anticipation of failure. Perhaps it was only the result of exhausting labor and delivery, but the Love Rodionova connects with a sense of the catastrophic fate of the boy. In adolescence Eugene loved to walk in the woods, and delight in the beauty of nature, his interest the laws of this world, its harmony. The boy was walking the long-term, and it was named after this leg got stronger, and Eugene made the first steps. Nine years of comprehensive school, then work on the same furniture factory and training of drivers — such a small biography warriors of the sufferer. The army Rodionov retired at age 18, he was ready to honorably fulfill their own duty.

Rodionov was oriented to the Nazran motomanevrennuyu squad in the second group of Detachment 479 special mission of the Red Border Guard Service of the Russian Federation. It was one of the hottest points on the border of Chechnya and Ingushetia. Rodionov was enrolled in the squad as a rocket launcher.

Martyr for the Faith and Fatherland Evgeny Rodionov

Having been assigned to the frontier, Andrew Cowards, Igor Yakovlev, Evgeny Rodionov and Aleksandr Zheleznov did not suspect what awaits them in the near future. How was the storming of the checkpoint is not clear, but the trail of blood, had been found on the site of the battle they say that the guys fought back. 100 days of nightmarish captivity, inhumane torture and humiliation were the last days of Russian border guards. Rodionov was the youngest of them. According to some reports, to the checkpoint, drove an ambulance, and were even heard clicks for help, but no one raised the alarm and four border guards disappeared without any trace. It is clear now that the car was a field commander Ruslan Hayhoroev with bandits.

The search for the prisoners was not performed. This is dishonorable behavior of Russian commanders have already written a lot of articles. Now we know the shocking details of how defenseless mother tried to find his own sons, and the Russian authorities suppressed the facts of the criminal izymatelstva over them. Unlimited number of broken-hearted ladies, never returned home mutilated bandits.

The task of our army, announced by Lt. Gen. Tikhomirov, was the restoration of full control of Russian troops over the huge number of population of the Chechen Fri and final settlement of the armed gangs. But the strategy of war, the Highlanders was very different from the usual. There were no open clashes of large forces, the rebels were hiding in the middle of artfully civilians and systematically made sorties. Russian troops were required to break up the huge number of small roadblocks, involving several people, and carry hour guard to prevent an attack. Militants themselves called themselves the wolves, and preferred to operate under the cover of night.

Unfortunate kept in unheated dilapidated house, depriving them of food and water, often beating and humiliating. In practice izymatelstva militants were training for young Chechen boys over Russian prisoners. Rodionov and his comrades were forced to write letters asking for redemption at home, but no one of them could not pay the large sums that were required. All the prisoners were from low-income families. Torture is completed in a day of birth Rodionova, he was 19 years old. Hayhoroev proposed tortured children to Islam and continue to wage war on the side of the rebels. All the prisoners refused. Eugene had taken pictures of a cross, which sought the killer in the end he was beaten, and then cut off his head. An insult to the dead bodies of young Russian soldiers in Chechnya was vserasprostraneno camp, because my mother was able to recognize their own offspring only on the cross.

Initially, Eugene declared a deserter, but later admitted it still being in captivity. The boys waited until the last day or help, but finding them no one was going. Search engines prisoners and victims generally absent, the government did not take care of this and the end of hostilities. In search of his son went to my mother, because my father would be immediately destroyed in Chechen villages. But Lubov suffered terrible izymatelstva. At one point her so cruelly beaten that broke the spine, just indescribable power of the spirit is allowed to survive and find the remains Rodionova.

Victim 4 young boys had been avenged, the place where they were tortured and killed was wiped off the face of the earth who came here again Russian troops, none of the thugs is gone from retaliation. Lubov once a year come to the part where it began service offspring and refers to the new recruits. She longs them responsible commanders, not those who have thrown Rodionova.

Martyr for the Faith and Fatherland Evgeny Rodionov

Icon of Eugene Rodionov during religious procession in white houses in October 2003

Now we honor the memory of the dead guards Andrew Trusova, Igor Yakovlev, Eugene Rodionova and Alexander Zheleznova.

Eugene awarded the Order of Glory and Courage, The Orthodox Church canonized Rodionova as a warrior-martyr. According to the stories of priests, the image of Eugene mirotochit,
he is addressed believers, why protoireem Sidorov written prayers. In honor of the martyr incorporated three churches. The school, which was trained in Eugene Rodionov, named in 2009 naming it. At the subsequent year in the courtyard of the school is a monument "Candle of Memory". About Eugene and his companions shot documentary films, written plays. Memory ordinary Russian guys who took a suffering death for the Orthodox Faith forever remain in our hearts.

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