Supertyphoon Nanmadol, flooding Taiwan and the Philippines, moved to China

Pacific typhoon "Nanmadol" (also known as Mina) towards the south-east China, leaving behind flooded Taiwan and the Philippines. The number of victims of elements has reached 16 people.

According to Xinhua News Agency, "Nanmadol" is directed to the south-east coast of China. Weather station of Fujian Province announced the "yellow" level of threat. It is expected that until the morning on August 30 in the marine waters near Fujian rise 2-3.5 m high waves


Today, August 29, Typhoon "Nanmadol" struck at dawn on the island of Taiwan, where a few hours received more than half a meter of precipitation. The maximum wind speed near its center reached 119 kilometers per hour with gusts up to 199 km per hour.

By the morning of this day about 6000 people have been evacuated from more than 30 cities of seven local counties and cities, including Taitung, Hualien, Pingtung, Kaohsiung and others. Because of the typhoon on the island today announced the cancellation of classes in all schools.

Under the influence of the typhoon, large or extra large showers upon the whole territory of Taiwan. Forecasters warned of the risk of rock falls and rock falls in the mountains, landslides and mudslides, leaving the shores of mountain streams and flooded lowlands.

Taiwan authorities have placed on the coast 35 thousand military to combat the effects of the hurricane.

No casualties or damage is not reported.

According to forecasts of the Taiwan Weather Service, the strength typhoon "Nanmadol" gradually decreases. Typhoon may have left the island of Taiwan on Tuesday night, having lost part of his power, he will move from the middle to the lower category.


On the eve of the same typhoon went through the Philippines, leaving 16 dead, 21 — were injured, 8 — were missing. He went over the main island of Luzon in the north of the country on Saturday morning, bringing down tropical storms and hurricane-force winds of up to 150 kilometers per hour.

In hard-hit areas of Cagayan, Luzon and the Cordillera is not restored electricity supply.

Philippines typhoon destroyed more than 800 homes, more than 230 thousand people have lost their homes and are now forced to stay in the shelters, equipped by the government. Although "Nanmadol" has already left the Philippines, but in many provinces in Luzon expected it caused heavy rains

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