Teachers and doctors have made poor …

Society Listener Liberty looked talk show "The Choice" on TV "ONT", dedicated to the start of the new school year and shared her thoughts.

"I want to go back to yesterday's talk show" The Choice "on the quality of school education in Belarus. Pity that the excellent teacher Farino has become the standard Belarusian official, who does not recognize the existence of problems.

Farino proposal in the absence of predmetnika at school or in poor teaching the subject to educate ourselves — "the evil one." The teacher can not know what a particular character and abilities to engage in self-education can be no more than 5 percent of the people in general, not even children.

And finally — do teachers and doctors to the poor, put wine and vodka department at each stop of vehicles in each region — and against such people do not have to fight: any conqueror of all he will give. How much pay our officials that they have forgotten this truism? . "

Scholar and teacher of the Lyceum Kolosovsky Lavon Barshcheuski commented, saying: "I must say brutally, that the Ministry of Education held on orders from above criminal reform, which destroyed the small achievements that were still. Goes fatal fall in the level of knowledge of students. Virtually all objects and the vast majority are studied on an insufficient level with a small number of hours . teacher is not able to organize a repetition binding.

The Ministry of Education should resign as deputy minister makes such statements on television.

Of course, defining the role of the individual. If there is no desire, the teacher can not teach, but it can help to learn. But since the modern school does not teach, and especially Belarus, it is almost impossible without a teacher in a serious way to get an education. The school does not teach to learn — this is its main disadvantage. "

Speaking about the rise in prices for agricultural products and public services, our listener concludes that next year the majority of the population of Belarus will have to deny yourself the necessary things.

"The Economist Zaleski, who called himself simply uncle, very simply and clearly told about our well-being of the population, which is 80 per cent. This pensioners and low-income. At that enough money that we receive? Even in the summer, a utility I personally pay 150,000, and the rest — to food. On shoes and clothes out of the question. Descend to the market and see that there you can buy. One kilogram of potatoes is 1500-1600. And if we take out the potatoes in other countries, as proposed, the price will be even greater. That's up to our well-being. "

Leader of the "Young Belarus" Artur Finkevich commented, saying: "This is not the most fruitful year Lukashenko is selling something that we have grown in Tatarstan and other republics, despite the fact that we have an economic crisis, the prices of agricultural products are rising.

However, he does not doubt in his victory. Although, given the economic crisis, its chances to win the presidential election is reduced in proportion to these economic problems. "

Our student Levon periodically reads his political pamphlets, and other students like them. One of our listener offered to print these poems on the site and provide more broadcast.

Lavon meanwhile rang with a new pamphlet:

"And the state — that's me,

That is the position in May.

NOT Louis I, of course,

Yes, I am the king of the house.

I may not be a Frenchman,

But hard Belarusian.

I strongly hold the power

And all I bring to mind.

Let someone utter a word against mine —

So to mix them with the ground.

Protesters ragtag

I'll never pass.

I will teach how to live

And the order holds dear.

I'm in Europe Affairs innovator,

I am the last dictator in it.

With that in mind at peace

I'll go down in history. "

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