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No wonder they say that adolescence — one big crisis. It is not by chance, for the adolescent crisis there is just three reasons. First, it is the rapid physical growth and sexual maturation ("physiological revolution") and secondly the concern that "the way I look in the eyes of others," "I'm a present", in the third, the need to find his professional calling.

In these really severe tests the child tries to build on those previously passed the critical moments of development. And if he is sure of its safety, confident in his ability to control themselves and interact with others, is not afraid to be active and take the initiative, able to learn and apply their knowledge in practice, it is likely he will come out of this crisis a winner.

What is your teenager is important to hear from you?

  • My love is always with you.
  • I like your taste.
  • You can develop their interests to do what for you it's important.
  • Each man in need of warmth and care, so you may sometimes need someone.
  • Gradually, you will comprehend the difference between the feelings of true and apparent true.
  • Keep in mind that in art (as in life) there is true masterpieces, there is a copy of a fake.
  • I'm curious to know you as an adult.
  • Try to himself (a) to find the optimal solution to this problem.
  • Try to behave so as not to cause harm to themselves or others.
  • Try to notice the good in others.
  • You it's important understand their needs and manage them wisely.
  • Everyone there is qualities that set it apart from the others. So wonderful that you're unique.
  • I wonder how you live, what you feel.
  • Let us know when you come back, we're worried.
  • If you need me, know that I'll always be there.

E.Pervushinoy Based on the book "How to identify and develop your child's ability", 2005

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