Terribly funny ads Monitor LG

Finally today, I suggest you cheerful news from the world of science, but rather the electronics.

Often electronics manufacturers spend amusing advertising campaign to show users the benefits of their products. The South Korean company LG Electronics has decided to go a little further, startling passengers lift IPS-display capabilities of its own production.

As part of the campaign staff LG installed on the floor of the elevator grid of nine IPS-panel displays, as well as speakers and a few cameras that filmed the reaction of passengers. At first, the screen shows the image of the surface of the floor, but soon after the man pressed the button for the floor to him, the dynamics created the illusion of failure, and the picture gave way to the floor under the passengers on video collapsing from under the feet of tile.

As might be expected, the passengers were a bit shocked lift similar set of circumstances. As all this was happening you can see from the video.


In an elevator next to the buttons to hang diaper changing


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