Testing of on-board equipment PAK FA performed on a unique stand

Testing of on-board equipment fighter of the fifth generation (PAK FA T-50) is carried out the design office of "dry" (Sukhoi) on recently commissioned a unique stand-loop simulation (SPM).

It is designed for ground-based integration of avionics, weaponry fighters, as well as to accompany the flight test PAK FA. Conducted on it working out will significantly reduce the number of test flights on experimental aircraft.

Booth set up by experts bureau and provides a solution to the complex problems related to the verification interface between the on-board systems are all implemented in a complex on-board equipment (CCD) communication channels, hardware software integration of on-board systems in real time. It is also practiced modes of the aircraft's (AA), the logic of interaction onboard systems through the use of aircraft, the logic of interaction between the pilot and the aircraft with the equipment air attack (TSA) through information-control field, a preliminary verification of the conditions of the flight test evaluation flight experiment.

SPM is a unique technically complex modern hardware and software systems. It is composed of static and dynamic simulation equipment, real avionics executed by AK with a fully equipped cabin and a visualization system zakabinnogo space. Its simulation equipment operates synchronously under the control of the central computer system, providing a consistent experience avionics and weaponry aviation system in conditions close to real flight at a given target environment. This approach allows you to work out the interaction between the CCD systems themselves and with the weapons with the pilot in the loop at every stage of the AK solve all the problems of application specified aviation complex.

Available at the stand monitoring and recording enables professionals in real time for the experiment to monitor the quality of the systems and the pilot, quickly adjust the course of the experiment on the stand, and upon its completion in-depth comprehensive analysis based on records registrars objective control.

Feature of the construction of the onboard equipment prospective AK developed in broad cooperation among enterprises, is that all his information is collected and executive contours are closed only on the stand-loop simulation. The deep integration of hardware and software systems, avionics perspective AK requires a huge amount of castings, which may be performed only on a set in the Sukhoi stand.

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