That exploded near Almaty?


Photo Ruslan Prianikov

03.08.12.Na days in Almaty felt the tremors, and, as it turned out, could be the reason for their industrial explosion at a quarry near the southern capital.

How real is the southern metropolis new threat of man-made earthquakes and controls whether someone situation?

July 28 earthquake near Almaty, according to seismologists — 3.4 points. Almaty residents have become accustomed to such a "startle" of land, but this time the quake was unusual.

First of all it was not any messages, news agencies and later briefly reported that the earthquake was recorded 20 kilometers from Almaty, and it was caused by … a powerful industrial explosion.

Information appeared with reference to the center of the collection and processing of seismic data of the Institute of Geophysical Research of Kazakhstan. "According to some data, the event is an industrial explosion capacity of 22 tons, produced on a career Kotur-Bulak", — stated in the center. Energy class of the earthquake was 7.1. I wonder what is blown under our city, that the earth goes shake?

We decided to find out and went to the quarry. It is located in the same valley Kotur-Bulak, just a short drive from Almaty to Talgar track.

At the entrance to the quarry we came into the village, located just below the plant. Local residents felt tremors rang dishes, but such fluctuations land, we were told, people are already here are accustomed to. They showed us the way to a major industrial facility. Of gravel processing plant, which is located in the valley, there is an endless string of KAMAZ. Behind them we went. Career-quarried stone, so no wonder that this requires a powerful force. But, seeing the unexpected guests at the entrance to the quarry, we were stopped — no entry. And then the question is whether any industrial explosions, immediately asked to leave. But we persevered — the society has a right to know who and what is so powerful blows, because it could pose a threat to the population. And, still insisted on a meeting with the head of the plot. He went down with a career. And very cautious answer to our question.

— Who told you that there was an explosion? I first heard of it. Explosions we do not, perhaps, a long time ago, when the quarry just opened and blew … But now we are using hydraulic excavators and, — the head of the plot. — If such explosions produce, then you need to get permission, the technology, the KNB, advance warning …

We are all saved!

Photo Ruslan Prianikov

Actually, we do think that just like that, without permission, you can not blow up because the consequences can be very unpredictable. So who is being disingenuous in this situation? Developers career, which may have produced an explosion without permission, or is it a bug collection center and processing of seismic data of the Institute of Geophysical Research of Kazakhstan?

We got through to Director of the Center collection and processing of seismic data of the Institute of Geophysical Research of Kazakhstan Natalia Mikhailova, to clarify information.

— Entries we have, and from going anywhere. Exists outside of us is a network of stations of the Institute of Seismology, they'll stand closer than ours, we have consulted with them after registering tremors. Their handlers confirmed that it was a blast to Kotur-Bulak. It has features recording. Being analyzed, and there are those who say it is not a natural event of nature. In the year, we register about 4 thousand quarry blasts in Kazakhstan, it is normal thing, they are recorded as an earthquake. The singularity of this explosion, that it occurred near Almaty. The quarry has been around a long time, and from time to time there are produced explosions of various sizes. And for every career has ultimate power, which can not produce more blast. The quarries of this information is available.

Who is responsible for security?

However, as we see, is not all that everything is transparent in this matter. If explosions are allowed, why career employees are trying to hide information? And if the power of the explosion is not 22 tons, and all 50? Than it threatens nearby towns and cities?

The questions are many, and most of them remained unanswered, despite the fact that we were trying to get in touch with the management career.

Around Almaty now developed more than a career, these industrial facilities practically "took in the Ring" southern capital. And if we assume that they will start without permission and accurate calculations produce explosions, the results can be unpredictable. Very much insecurity around the south of the capital. Fluctuations in the earth, as we know, can trigger landslides and mudflows gathering and breakthrough moraine lakes. Scientists remember that a powerful man-made explosion has rocked Almaty, when the dam began to Medeo. Then his power was almost 6,000 tons in the explosion was felt an earthquake about seven points. Then the question of security and the possible consequences puzzled the best minds of the Union. Nothing happened. On today of possible industrial explosions do not seem to know any local administrations of the city and the area, or in other departments. What about the safety of such a large city like Almaty?

Source: Karavan newspaper

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