The Americans are going to arrange an environmental catastrophe in the Khabarovsk Territory




Newspaper Khabarovsk Territory, "Pacific Star" published an article "De Kastrinsky terminal waiting to happen." Every big project in any way threatening nature, involves a public hearing. In the newspaper article Lydia Titov, a former teacher of singing, and now head of public ecological organization "Hope" tells how the representatives of the project for the construction of a terminal in De Castries Ulchsk Khabarovsk region held public hearings in the township club.

The Americans have launched tablets, and said nicely, but L.Titovoy have specific questions. Pipe pipeline will be underground. And if you would be in the way of spawning river? The consultants explained: block the channel, along the bottom pave the pipe, and in the winter when it freeze, the channel will return to its original location. Just like that, as if to rearrange the stool from place to place. Does the noise of pumping oil through the pipeline, it will not scare the inhabitants in these protected areas? Environmentalists came a studied answer questions. Lidia S. about many wanted to ask, but the Americans have to take leave, so that the hour of the day was over. On the table lay a library user — de kastrintsam offered to speak: they are for or against the construction of the terminal. L.Titova, remembering the promise of jobs and prospects that will be in their village, spoke "for".

When L.Titova realized that it was, in fact, there were public hearings on the alleged studies public opinion village, she is a man of principle, was indignant. Well nobody came, many people do not know. L.Titova sued the company, "ENL". The position of the NGO "Hope" in the court of the Kirov district of Khabarovsk defending lawyers, environmentalists. Lidia S. and she came several times to the meeting. They continually put off: it lacked any securities, the witnesses. About L.Titovoy that it filled, was the main argument of the American side — say, one could speak. Although the questionnaire had accumulated about 20 and living in the village — 5,000 people, the court rejected the claim L.Titovoy.

However, the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Khabarovsk Krai still recognized that what was happening in the township clubs, hearings can not be called. The hearing was postponed to Khabarovsk, but there were not as widespread as expected. And more like the presentation of an American company. We talked mostly Americans, and it appeared that the project promises to the residents of the region perspective, which they do not even realize, the newspaper said, "Pacific Star."

According to the newspaper "Pacific Star", oil on the bottom shelf of Sakhalin Strait Nevel come to De Castries. On the bank will build the terminal, several gigantic tanks, each with a diameter of a football field. They will be stored and the oil that the U.S. company plans to sell the Khabarovsk and the nearest neighbors. The design capacity — 12 million tons per year. Every 3 days for a tanker with 100 thousand tons of oil will go away from the pier.

Initially, the Americans wanted to build a four-kilometer deep-water channel to approach tankers to shore. We would have to pick 5 million cubic meters of silt bottom with crabs, shrimp and even oysters that are mined on the island, which is called — Oyster. But in the shallow bay silting can not be avoided. Chikhacheva Bay, where the construction takes place, is unique. It is 5 km from the terminal — and the colony of seals haul out clams. Fortunately, Americans are the project was abandoned and stopped on a variant in which the tankers will refuel in the sea on a floating platform. Calm sea bottom dwellers will still be broken.

On winter smelt DeKastri people coming from all over the region. Fish from the Amur River, which smells like a pharmacy in the lower reaches have not caught and not eating. One consolation — the coast. However, more recently, avid fishermen began to notice that here we smelt and flounder there was a smell, de kastrinskaya herring disappeared altogether. In the bay — sea port on the shore — abandoned military unit. Containers for gasoline and kerosene are rusting and flow. While environmentalists are convinced that the American project perfect, because involves a multi-stage system of protection in the event of an oil spill or pipe breakage, people believe in all this the hard way.

American terminal is in the coastal zone. Russian environmentalists offered little capacity to move a safe distance from the edge of the sea at 500 meters. But every extra meter — money. Stopped at 50 meters from the water. Solve-it decided, but experts continue to worry about the marshy ground, when the soil suddenly floats underfoot. And if lightning, earthquake or even what the trouble?

Under the court's future has already cut more than 100 hectares of forest. Forest uprooted, leveled ground, and now the soil is washed away by rain into the sea. Then the area under the terminal will fill with gravel and Grout. How to make a stone? The slaughter gave hill Davydov. From those simple economic reasons, it is closer. But hill village guards Davydova from the sea winds, creates a special microclimate. Torn down hill — poduyut cold winds and Khabarovsk will never see the lady's slipper, flower hill Davydov, is listed as endangered.

"The perception is that whatever document Americans in our office or submitted, accepted and signed by all — says state inspector Khabarovsk specialized Marine Inspection Vladimir Naryshkin, who lives in De Castries. According to him, reading the environmental review of the project" Sakhalin-1 " made by the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, you know what the experts indeed far from what is taken to judge. indigenous people of the area they call it ulchi, the ultimate. So suddenly claim that these same ulchi — has long been nomadic tribe. Though, as we know , this people living in the Amur, wanderlust does not feel. And it is quite strange that a solid domestic scientists Khabarovsk taiga confused with the more southern seaside. "

Does that mean that we, Russians, all the same, the newspaper "Pacific Star", a mound less than one more — not a great loss. It seems to have found a Solomonic decision. Hill will develop, but with the condition that it will leave the summit. I wonder who and how will consider how much flesh would remove the stone, and then if she can stand the onslaught of the sea winds?

Foreign companies on the Russian land being developed quickly. Thus, the Turkish company "Enka Tekhnostroy-1" has already begun to justify their town on the outskirts of the village. It was found that without discharging earth. In fact, this spontaneous seizure. In the settlement check came with the migration service. The audits revealed that more than 20 Turkish citizens were illegally Ulchsk region, as the company has not received permission to recruit manpower. The representative of the "ENL" Ron Kotarski, who had just been in De Castries, very sorry, but he said that the U.S. side is not responsible for the actions of contractors. And when Ron Kotarski asked to produce a passport, it turned out that he also violated the stay in Russia, for a three-day period is not reported to the passport and visa service for its next arrival.

At the village administration is nothing good from the construction of the terminal is not waiting. As the Land Surveyor Lyubov Popova, "we do not coordinate any documents. All past. Davydova Pro hill, which is given to the slaughter, found out by accident. Appears disqualified and quarry from which begin to take peskogravy. Tatarka On the banks of the river, where the summer swimming and grilled kebabs are going to put a mortar unit. "

As for work, foreigners need guards, drivers and cleaners. The rest of experts, even the cooks, they bring with them. Serve the terminal, it seems, will remain a few dozen people, well-educated and trained. Potential candidates selected by competition from the locals, learn English in America.

According to the newspaper "Pacific Star", the president of the company, "ENL" Steve Terni in Khabarovsk, at the signing of production sharing, I think, do not slip of the tongue, saying: "We will sell our gas to you." The article outraged and believes that not so delicately put the question until it was the first oil and its accompanying gas. On the other hand, pragmatic Americans who love in all that relates to the property, complete definitions, rules. Might themselves develop the Sakhalin shelf, they would not have called. A million-dollar investments there. And the promise of orders for domestic enterprises, new jobs and infrastructure development.

"In fact, the area from this project will get nothing," — said the head of the district administration Ulchsky Victor Kolesnyak. — "Taxes? Only for land. Moreover, the U.S. side insists take the distance only by the width of the pipe, and not an iota more. Price of land for the next 25 years will remain unchanged."

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